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Buddy Squirrel Introduces New Product Lines

Buddy Squirrel combines the best of both worlds when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth or craving for salt. The company specializes in award-winning confections, boxed chocolates, stylish gift tins, premier nuts from around the world, snack mixes and award-winning gourmet popcorns.

Buddy Squirrel’s history began more than 96 years ago when immigrants founded Quality Candy, a confectionery company in Milwaukee, Wis. In the 1960s, Quality Candy then purchased a nut roasting, gourmet popcorn and snack mix operation called Buddy Squirrel. In 2010 the newly renamed, Buddy Squirrel LLC, began revitalizing bulk sales with new kosher confections, healthy snack mixes and redesigned packaging.

Today, the company continues to evolve within its wholesale division. Buddy Squirrel recently debuted Bull Whips and White Cheddar Cheezzzy® Cheese Corn. It now also offers Buddy Bars, made from the original 1916 Quality Candy recipes. Available both packaged individually and in bulk, the collection of flavors includes Sea Salt Caramel, Butter Almond Toffee, Peanut Butter Caramel, Peanut Butter Meltaway, Mint Meltaway and more. Additionally, Buddy Squirrel is thrilled to introduce Honey Bars, a honey and granola-based alternative to the company’s Buddy Bars. This new collection includes flavors such as Almond & Raisin, Cashew, Coffee, Craisin & Peanut Butter and Raisin & Seeds.

Buddy Squirrel currently owns and operates three retail locations in the metro Milwaukee area. Celebrated products include Butter Almond Toffee, Pecan Tads®, Cheddar Cheezzzy® Cheese Corn and Fairy Food®.

Buddy Squirrel confections are also sold across the country through wholesalers and specialty food and candy stores and can be directly purchased from its website.

The heart of Buddy Squirrel is the company’s mission to delight customers with friendly service and the experience of the world’s finest confections made from premium chocolate, nuts and popcorn.

For more information, call 800.972.2658, email or visit

Rubschlager Breads Offer a Healthful Start for a Party, Snack or Meal

Rubschlager breads make a healthy start for food for entertaining or for everyday snacks and meals. Rubschlager Cocktail Breads, available in four varieties, are a no-fuss way to start any party. Just open a cheese spread, add a bowl of chicken or tuna salad and perhaps a tray of sliced meat and cheese, and the party is underway with minimum fuss and good nutrition as well. Of course, the Cocktail Breads also lend themselves to make-ahead hors d’oeuvres, including everything from the very fancy, featuring caviar or lobster salad, to the very plain and economical, such as a simple cream cheese spread topped with attractive veggies.

Rubschlager’s Square and Rye-Ola Breads are equally adaptable for smaller hors d’oeuvres when cut into smaller wedges, triangles or squares. These breads can of course, can be used for full-sized hearty sandwiches as well. Smoked salmon combines with Rubschlager’s Rye-Ola Black Rye or Westphalian Pumpernickel for the perfect presentation. There is no need to remove crusts from any of these breads, minimizing both preparation time and waste.

If the occasion is a children’s party, kids are always pleased with Rubschlager’s Cocktail Breads, because they can make sandwiches with their favorite fillings, which are “just their size.” Try serving children turkey breast, egg salad or peanut butter on these smaller-sized Cocktail Breads.

Rubschlager’s Natural Preferences Mini-Chips offer an all-natural, 100 percent whole-grain crunchy option to accompany guacamole, salsa, onion dip, soups and salads. In fact, these mini-chips serve as a healthful and delicious snack all on their own. Available in Really Rye, Really Garlic and Not Really Plain, there is a flavor to please everyone’s taste buds.

All Rubschlager products are OU Pareve. Rubschlager Baking Corporation is located at 3220 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill., 60651. Contact the company by phone at 773.826.1245, or email Visit the company online at

Robert Rothschild Farm’s New Products and Holiday Gifts a Hit at SFF

Robert Rothschild Farm made a big debut at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show with the launch of a number of new products, including a new holiday collection.

The latest products from Robert Rothschild Farm include new preserves, dessert toppings, cheese dips, baking mixes and seasonal items. Some of the outstanding preserves include the Heirloom Tomato Watermelon Jam, Stone Fruit Preserves, Hatch Chile Jalapeño Jam and Pear Ginger Preserves. The unique flavor combinations and profiles of these preserves make them a must-try.
In addition, good news for sweets lovers: Robert Rothschild Farm launched two new dessert mixes at the show. The Classic Shortbread Cookie Mix and Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix make classic desserts simple and sweet. Robert Rothschild Farm’s Pub Style Pretzel Bread Mix was a huge hit with customers at the show who loved the endless ways one could make special sizes and shapes with the pretzel dough. The possibilities for creativity with the pretzel bread make it great for any occasion.
In addition, the holiday season is quickly approaching, and Robert Rothschild Farm is preparing retailers for the season with everything from gourmet stocking stuffers to elegant gift sets. The Perfect Pair Gift Sets were very popular at the show because of the reusable, sophisticated packaging and the delicious gourmet products in each box. Perfect Pair Gift Sets are available in four flavors that include the company’s top-selling dips and seasonal favorites paired with gourmet pretzels for a flavorful combination. The Entertaining Trio Gift Sets are available with either a sweet or savory combination of three delectable dips, sauces or preserves. Two of their most popular sauces, Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Sauce and Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce are available in a Gourmet Sauce Duo Gift Set. Any food-lover will appreciate the Italian Dinner Gift Set, Breakfast at the Farm Gift Set or Holiday Celebrate Gift Set, because of the variety of products they include and the options they offer for making a meal, breakfast or appetizer.
The Summer Fancy Food Show has come and gone, but what remains are some delectable new products and the assurance of knowing that holiday gifting will be a breeze with Robert Rothschild Farm.
For more information about Robert Rothschild Farm products, call 800.356.8933, email, or visit the company’s website at You can also find Robert Rothschild Farm on Facebook and Pinterest.

NCA Coffee Summit Explores Single-Cup Segment, Sustainability, Risk Management

The 2013 NCA Coffee Summit will explore developments in the single-cup segment, the challenges of a sustainable supply chain, and techniques for managing business risk, along with topics brought to the table by participants. By design, the Summit combines traditional professional development with open-space, collaborative learning to yield practical solutions to real-time business challenges.

In a professionally facilitated, interactive setting, the Summit integrates the knowledge of presenters with the experience and perspective of attendees from diverse industry and supply chain functions. In this way, NCA offers a program that channels learning through the realities of business applications to deliver practical, deployable solutions.

“In the final analysis, the true value of professional development lies in the solutions it creates for your business,” said Robert F. Nelson, NCA President and CEO. “Only by putting facts and figures through the prism of experience and application can they spark the practical approaches and strategies that will solve real-time challenges and propel the bottom line.”

The 2013 NCA Coffee Summit takes place on October 2 – 4 at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. Registration is now open.


Dietz & Watson Distribution Center Struck by Fire

Fire struck one of Dietz & Watson’s distribution facilities in Delanco, N.J. during the Labor Day weekend, but this fire had no effect on the company’s manufacturing plants in Philadelphia, Baltimore or Corfu, NY, and all other distribution points are still up and running normally.

The company released a statement to the press this weekend and the fire has since been extinguished. While the supply chain should be a little tight in the next few weeks, Dietz & Watson customers can feel confident that all items are being manufactured and that things will be up and running to capacity very soon.

Here is the statement from Dietz & Watson CEO Louis Eni from this weekend: “It has been an unexpectedly challenging Labor Day weekend for the Dietz & Watson Family, as fire struck one of our distribution centers, in Delanco, N.J. Sunday afternoon. New Jersey emergency responders continued to battle the fire Monday.

“Thankfully, all Dietz & Watson employees are safe,” he continued. “Right now, our efforts are focused on supporting the New Jersey firefighters and emergency officials who are battling the fire and ensuring that all are kept safe. These brave first-responders are our friends and neighbors. We are humbled by their efforts.

“Our production facilities continue to manufacture our premium meats and cheeses. Other distribution arrangements will be made as we assess the fire’s damage.

“The Dietz & Watson Family deeply appreciates the outpouring of support and encouragement we have received from our friends and customers. It means so much that so many have taken time from their holiday weekends to wish us well. Thank you.”

Convenient and Healthy Back to School Options from Mediterranean Snacks

As the fall season approaches, the back-to-school timeframe is an ideal opportunity for consumers to instill new eating habits and try more wholesome snack options when packing lunches or going on the road for after school activities. Plus, with allergy-related food restrictions enforced in many schools, it is now more important than ever for parents to find healthier, safe alternatives when shopping.

Mediterranean Snacks recognizes the need for better-for-you snacking alternatives to fried potato chips or other high calorie snacks, whether due to a desire for low-fat, protein-rich options or an interest in following a gluten-free diet. Making nutritious, tasty, calorically smart snacks available to consumers is the company’s mission. This mission is reflected in Mediterranean Snacks’ latest product for busy, health-conscious consumers: tapaz2go™. This innovative offering, a convenient, gluten-free-certified, mini-meal solution, combines a single-serve pouch of protein-rich Mediterranean Snacks Lentil Crackers along with a substantial portion of hummus in one portable package for healthy on-the-go snacking.
Made from all-natural ingredients with 250 calories or less per serving and 7 grams of protein, tapaz2go addresses the consumer desire for natural, high protein, satiating snacks. Another benefit to shoppers is that tapaz2go is shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature, so it is a perfect on-the-go snack solution for parents who want to fit healthy, smart snacking into their families’ active lifestyle. The product can be a convenient between-meal snack for those out doing errands, or it can be an easy, nutritious office lunch.
Available in three popular hummus flavors, roasted garlic, red pepper or classic, the individual package size for tapaz2go is 3.6 ounces. The product has a suggested retail price of $2.99, with a shelf life of 300 days.
For more information on Mediterranean Snacks, contact the company by phone at 973.402.2644 or by email at Visit the company online at

Attractive, All-Natural Mixes from Sierra Soups

Sierra Soups are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, and they taste fabulous. The mixes are simple to make and come complete with vegetables (dehydrated) and a flavorful spice packet. They will serve a large family, and recipes are on the back of each package, along with additional options to enhance the meal.
Sierra Soups mixes come in clear cello packaging, showcasing their colorful, all-natural ingredients. Display trays are available for shelf presentation. The company offers eight different soup mixes and a Middle-Eastern Grain & Lentil Salad mix, all of which are inexpensive and easy for the average cook to prepare. Its current bestseller, Fresno Fog Split Pea soup, only requires the addition of water and a cooking time of approximately one hour. The company supplies distributors, brokers, gourmet/specialty food shops, health food stores and upscale grocery stores/chains.
Marketing research shows that the household cook does not mind a slow-cooking product such as beans. However, he or she wants some leftovers. With this in mind, Sierra Soups developed recipes that serve from eight to twelve servings and which can then be frozen for later meals and still retain their marvelous flavor and nutrition.
For the team at Sierra Soups, the overall mission is to provide a wholesome product, with exceptional food value and a heap of flavor, but which is easy for the average cook to put together. With the spices and vegetables already included in the soup bag, you will not have to make a trip to the grocery store. The hardest thing you may need to do is sauté an onion (and sometimes not even that). In addition, once prepared, the company’s soups can be frozen for future meals.
For more information about Sierra Soups, Inc., or to order the company’s soup mixes, visit, or call 800.397.6887, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies from Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies

Only the freshest natural ingredients go into Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies’ Lemon Ricotta Cookie. The team at Vanilla Bean prides themselves on creating cookies that are a combination of creativity, uniqueness and amazing flavor profiles, and the Lemon Ricotta Cookie is no exception! Vanilla Bean has taken the classic Italian Ricotta Cookie and added its signature twist to create an amazing cookie. The Lemon Ricotta Cookie is made with real butter, fresh eggs, lemon zest, tart lemon juice, pure vanilla and creamy ricotta cheese. The resulting cookie is soft with a cake like texture, garnished with the company’s signature lemon glaze. With its creamy texture, the glaze has just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of tart lemon to create a great finish to an amazing cookie.
Vanilla Bean’s cookies are fresh baked with no synthetic preservatives. However, the fresh lemon adds a natural element to help preserve the cookie without giving up the company’s high standard for quality. Because of the fresh nature of the Lemon Ricotta Cookie, it is a great fit for online retail companies, corporate gifts and gourmet gift baskets.
Your customers will appreciate Vanilla Bean’s attention to detail as the company’s cookies are packaged in a classic natural pinstripe box. Each box contains 12 cookies, and each cookie is individually packaged in cellophane and sealed to ensure freshness. While some companies seek products with long a shelf life, Vanilla Bean knows its customers appreciate the pure quality of its cookies as will yours.
For wholesale information regarding Vanilla Bean cookies, contact Debbie Smith at 260.415.4652 or 888.498.4502.

Bella Lucia Gluten-Free Italian Pizzelle

Bella Lucia Gluten Free Italian Pizzelle has an amazing line of delicious handmade cookies for all your customers’ needs. Bella Lucia is the largest producer of gluten-free pizzelle in the United States. The company has been able to combine the traditional taste of Italian cookies, with a new twist for all your specialty needs.

Bella Lucia still laboriously bakes its pizzelle two at a time, a claim not many other companies could make. Choose between the company’s top four flavors: anise, vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, and the company’s newest flavor, Lemon Love, the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. These pizzelle are just the thing to tempt the pallet.
Bella Lucia never adds any artificial flavors or colors. The company’s pizzelle are always natural and always great! “Be Authentic. Be Unique,” and include Bella Lucia Gluten Free Pizzelle in your product lineup.
For more information, check out Bella Lucia online at, or call 814.201.2222.

Cholent—Kosher Meals Made Easy

Cholent is another creative series of salt-free dinner kits from Purely American Foods. What exactly is Cholent? It is a traditional Jewish meal that, for generations, has been prepared on Friday before the Sabbath begins. Slow cooked all night, this savory stew is the main course at Saturday’s noonday meal.

Now, busy, health-conscious consumers of all faiths can enjoy these time saving, salt-free meals any day of the week. Gluten-free, all-natural, kosher, and free of salt and MSG, the Cholent kits from Purely American are a delicious and good-for-you heat and serve option for your retail customers.
The Cholent kits are just one among many delicious and healthy meal solutions offered from Purely American. The company’s healthy dinner kits are all salt and gluten-free, kosher certified and all-natural with no MSG and high fiber.
Check out the company online at, or contact Ray Leard at 740.592.3800 for information and orders.