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Lemon Ricotta Cookies from Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies

Only the freshest natural ingredients go into Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies’ Lemon Ricotta Cookie. The team at Vanilla Bean prides themselves on creating cookies that are a combination of creativity, uniqueness and amazing flavor profiles, and the Lemon Ricotta Cookie is no exception! Vanilla Bean has taken the classic Italian Ricotta Cookie and added its signature twist to create an amazing cookie. The Lemon Ricotta Cookie is made with real butter, fresh eggs, lemon zest, tart lemon juice, pure vanilla and creamy ricotta cheese. The resulting cookie is soft with a cake like texture, garnished with the company’s signature lemon glaze. With its creamy texture, the glaze has just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of tart lemon to create a great finish to an amazing cookie.
Vanilla Bean’s cookies are fresh baked with no synthetic preservatives. However, the fresh lemon adds a natural element to help preserve the cookie without giving up the company’s high standard for quality. Because of the fresh nature of the Lemon Ricotta Cookie, it is a great fit for online retail companies, corporate gifts and gourmet gift baskets.
Your customers will appreciate Vanilla Bean’s attention to detail as the company’s cookies are packaged in a classic natural pinstripe box. Each box contains 12 cookies, and each cookie is individually packaged in cellophane and sealed to ensure freshness. While some companies seek products with long a shelf life, Vanilla Bean knows its customers appreciate the pure quality of its cookies as will yours.
For wholesale information regarding Vanilla Bean cookies, contact Debbie Smith at 260.415.4652 or 888.498.4502.

Bella Lucia Gluten-Free Italian Pizzelle

Bella Lucia Gluten Free Italian Pizzelle has an amazing line of delicious handmade cookies for all your customers’ needs. Bella Lucia is the largest producer of gluten-free pizzelle in the United States. The company has been able to combine the traditional taste of Italian cookies, with a new twist for all your specialty needs.

Bella Lucia still laboriously bakes its pizzelle two at a time, a claim not many other companies could make. Choose between the company’s top four flavors: anise, vanilla, Saigon cinnamon, and the company’s newest flavor, Lemon Love, the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. These pizzelle are just the thing to tempt the pallet.
Bella Lucia never adds any artificial flavors or colors. The company’s pizzelle are always natural and always great! “Be Authentic. Be Unique,” and include Bella Lucia Gluten Free Pizzelle in your product lineup.
For more information, check out Bella Lucia online at, or call 814.201.2222.

Cholent—Kosher Meals Made Easy

Cholent is another creative series of salt-free dinner kits from Purely American Foods. What exactly is Cholent? It is a traditional Jewish meal that, for generations, has been prepared on Friday before the Sabbath begins. Slow cooked all night, this savory stew is the main course at Saturday’s noonday meal.

Now, busy, health-conscious consumers of all faiths can enjoy these time saving, salt-free meals any day of the week. Gluten-free, all-natural, kosher, and free of salt and MSG, the Cholent kits from Purely American are a delicious and good-for-you heat and serve option for your retail customers.
The Cholent kits are just one among many delicious and healthy meal solutions offered from Purely American. The company’s healthy dinner kits are all salt and gluten-free, kosher certified and all-natural with no MSG and high fiber.
Check out the company online at, or contact Ray Leard at 740.592.3800 for information and orders.

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