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Smari Yogurt Gets Even Creamier with Grass-Fed Whole Milk; Also Adds Two Nonfat Flavors


Thick pasture-based and organic Smari yogurt is now even creamier. The yogurt rebel is revolutionizing its roots by keeping the fat. New whole milk Smari is available in Pure and Vanilla flavors. Smari also hits the shelves with two new delicious nonfat flavors, Peach and Coconut.Smari Yogurt Logo

When brand founder Smari Asmundsson came to the U.S., he bit into his first fresh peach. He was so blown away by the lushly foreign, sweet flavor that he had to marry it with his first native love, Icelandic yogurt. With new inspiration came memories of an old favorite, rich moist coconut cake, and the result, Nonfat Coconut Smari, is just as indulgent without any of the guilt.

But Smari yogurt isn’t just about less. For over 1100 years, Icelandic yogurt has been made nonfat…until now. Smari is reimagining its heritage by keeping the fat. For healthy, growing kids and those embracing fat in their lifestyle, a pasture based, whole milk option has finally arrived. Smari’s nonfat yogurt is extraordinarily creamy, but its whole milk yogurt is off the charts creamy.

Thicker than Greek yogurt and containing less sugar than most yogurts on the market, Smari packs as much as 20 grams of protein, more protein per ounce than any other yogurts in the U.S. The result is a thick, rich yogurt that makes each snack or breakfast memorable.

Organic Smari yogurt is made exclusively from organic milk and fruit. Always local and never factory farmed, Smari’s Jersey and Guernsey cows live in Wisconsin and are pastured and fed grass, creating richer, thicker, more nutritious, better-tasting milk.

Anything but plain, savor an even creamier, thick whole milk Smari in Pure, or try Vanilla, made with organic vanilla beans. Smari’s hot selling nonfat yogurt comes in Pure, Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, and now, perfect Peach and island-inspired Coconut flavors.

For more information, visit




Matcha LOVE® Launches CULINARY MATCHA – Trendy New Kitchen Staple

ITO EN, a leading green tea company, debuts its new Matcha LOVE® CULINARY MATCHA in booth #1464 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. With 2015 predicted to be a year of “Matcha Madness” by trend forecaster, Sterling-Rice Group, CULINARY MATCHA is the new must have ingredient for the modern pantry. The new ingredient has an MRSP of $19.95 for 3.5 ounces.Matcha LOVE Culinary Matcha

The finely milled Matcha powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Fast becoming a popular ingredient for its rich umami taste and antioxidant rich benefits, Matcha LOVE® CULINARY MATCHA, packaged in a 100 gram tin, can be used for baking or cooking, whether for sweet or savory dishes. Also a favorite in smoothies and super drinks, Matcha is hailed for its powerful EGCG tea antioxidants, Vitamin C and natural energy boost with a “calm alertness.”

“With more people falling in love with the vitality of matcha, our Culinary Matcha makes it easy for home cooking,” said Rona Tison, Sr. Vice President of Corporate Relations. “Aspiring cooks can now enjoy the purity of the entire green tea leaf in a variety of recipes, both traditional and new.”

Rich in L-theanine, the amino acid necessary to create what scientists and renowned chefs refer to as umami synergy, matcha generates new layers of amplified flavors with a sweet lingering taste sensation. Bold and rich in flavor with an herbaceous finish, a little matcha goes a long way.

The new CULINARY MATCHA joins the Matcha LOVE’s® line of ceremonial matcha powder and convenient on-the-go “no fuss” Matcha drinks, available unsweetened and sweetened. With a modern take on an ancient ritual, the innovative Matcha LOVE® line is making its way into the urban lifestyle for its fresh authentic taste and restorative powers.

Also being introduced are Matcha LOVE® Teabags, a special blend of premium quality green tea leaves and 100 percent Matcha. The teabags will be available in 10 individual envelopes in a small, compact carton.

Matcha LOVE® is available in specialty food stores, natural and mainstream markets nationwide. For more information, visit or



Arthur Shuman Launches Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps

Arthur Shuman is launching Whisps Parmesan cheese crisps in booth #4215 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Whisps contain nothing but savory Parmesan cheese, so each serving of about 15 crisps — about 1/3 of a 2.12-ounce package — packs 9 g of protein. Whisps will be available to ship within the next few weeks.

The product is targeted as a snack food, although the company is also marketing its versatility as an appetizer to accompany olives and charcuterie and a glass of wine, as a base for mini canapes and as a crouton to add a burst of crunch and flavor to soups and salads.

Whisps are all natural, gluten free and wheat free and have no preservatives or additives. There are no artificial colors or flavors and no added sugar — they’re just pure Wisconsin-made Parmesan cheese.

Healthy Indulgences at #WFFS15: The Winter Fancy Food Show

Vendors at the Winter Fancy Food Show are launching a variety of premium products for consumers who want and can afford the best but who are also observant of their own or others’ dietary restrictions. Torani, for instance, in booth #4116 during the San Francisco show, is launching out with Torani Signature, a new line of flavor syrups developed for retailers serving consumers who are looking for a clean-eating experience.  These are made without GMOs, artificial colors or flavors.

Currently, the retail line includes three flavors, Hazelnut, Caramel and Vanilla. The vanilla flavor is sweetened with organic agave as well as pure cane sugar. The company has 18 flavors of the Signature line in foodservice packaging, but there are no immediate plans to expand the retail line, since the line was just launched in July and is just reaching stores now. A 10.1 fluid-ounce bottle retails for $4.99, and the product is currently carried at Sprouts and online. It’s available through UNFI and KeHE.

The Salted Caramel flavor in Torani’s regular syrup line launched last year and is still rolling out in major retailers. Sales are growing as more consumers discover the salty-sweet flavor profile. .

For more information, email

Boat Street Pickles is making a line of pickled fruits, including Pickled Raisins, Pickled French Plums, Pickled Figs, Pickled Apricots and Pickled Cherries, which are the newest addition to the product line. Nine-ounce jars retail for around $10.

The products combine fruits with spices, herbs and peppers to add a flavor kick to finish an otherwise unremarkable meat dish. The cherries and figs pair well with dairy desserts like panna cotta or ice cream, and all four work with cheeses. They’re all available for immediate shipment.

The figs are also newly available in a 64-ounce foodservice pack that will wholesale for around $40. The raisins and cherries will be the next to be offered in foodservice packaging, but there’s no timeline on that yet.

For further information, email or call 206.321.9319.

Emmi Roth is wooing home cooks who understand that the best ingredients make the best food but who don’t have time for a lot of prep work with Roth Ultimates: three quality blends of shredded cheese, and Shredded Grand Cru. Grand Cru is Emmi Roth’s brand for its cheeses made in the gruyere tradition.

The three Roth Ultimates blends include Ultimate Mac & Cheese, which includes Grand Cru, Havarti and sharp Cheddar cheeses. The Ultimate Firehouse blend includes Grand Cru, 3-Chile Pepper Gouda and Smoked Fontina, while the Ultimate Flatbread blend combines Grand Cru, mild Provolone and Fontiago cheeses. All of those and the shredded Grand Cru Original are offered in 6-ounce gusseted and pegboard-ready packs to retail at prices comparable to what consumers expect to pay for premium cheese.

These products are made from the same high-quality well-aged cheeses that Emmi Roth is known for and are packaged without added preservatives to appeal to home cooks who want to prepare restaurant-quality food at home. They’ll be available to ship in early spring of this year.


Stacy’s Snacks Turn Up The Heat With New Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips

A new pita chip is heating up snack time. Stacy’s Pita Chips is bringing an exciting new kick with the introduction of its latest flavor: Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips. Real jalapeno peppers are baked right into the pita chips for a unique flavor experience delivering authentic spice and a subtle heat that can’t be missed. Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips are the perfect complement to seven layer dips, hummus, guacamole or salsa, and also pair well with white wine or hot chocolate for a unique snacking experience during those cold winter months.Stacy's Pita Chips

Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips are made using the brand’s time-honored approach, which includes using carefully selected, high-quality ingredients such as real jalapenos and red peppers, baked right into the dough. They also contain no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. Each batch of Stacy’s pita chips takes up to 14 hours to bake, giving pita chip lovers both a flavorful and carefully crafted eating experience each time they bite into the chips. It’s the harder way, but it’s the better way. “That’s The Stacy’s Way.”

“Stacy’s pita chips are known for their incredible flavors and the authentic pita chip crunch,” said Nicole Cavin, senior director of marketing for the Stacy’s brand. “New Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips bring a whole new level of flavor to the brand, combining both of those elements. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a little kick with their mid-day snack or want to liven up their entertainment spread.”

Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips are available now in 7.33 oz bags for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

For more information, visit, or


A First Exploration of the Exhibit Hall at #WFFS15, the Winter Fancy Food Show

By Lorrie Baumann


Every new Fancy Food Show brings so much that’s new and exciting that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s always a safe plan to start exploring the booths on the aisles with  the low numbers and just keep walking until you reach the stratospheric numbers, especially since in the first few aisles you’ll see that way you’re sure to find the booths belonging to Robert Rothschild Farms (booth #640), Stonewall Kitchen (booth #534)  and Rabbit Creek Products (booth #409), all of which are staffed with the kind of gracious folks that set the standard for friendliness and understanding of the specialty food trade that’s everywhere here at the show. If you have a little trouble finding Rabbit Creek Products, it’s because their freight company failed to deliver the booth, but Donna Cook and her team are wiling to make that up for you with a show special that’s extra-good, so stop by the booth to let them know there that you can certainly commiserate with freight problems but, together, you can overcome.

There’s more of interest there than the opportunity to commiserate, of course, because Rabbit Creek Products is bringing out an even dozen new products, all of which are available to ship immediately. Among them are a Parmesan Southwest Beer Bread Mix,  a Cheese & Pesto Olive Oil Bread Mix and a Triple Cheese Wine Bread Mix. There are a couple of new brownie mixes, including the Bombshell Brownie Mix and Caramel Toffee Wine Brownie Mix. A Cappuccino with Chocolate Chips Muffin Mix and Lemon Cream Cheese Scone Mix take care of breakfast. For the cocktail hour, there’s Dilly Bacon Cheese Ball Mix, Garlicky Parmesan Cheese Cook n Serve Dip Mix, Mustard Vegetable/Pretzel Dip Mix and The Pigs ran thru the Dill Patch Veggie Dip Mix. And for plain old anytime snacking, Rabbit Creek Products offers Granola Seed Crunch. For more information, call 800.837.3073.

Just down the way, Stonewall Kitchen is taking care of summer with a pair of new Bloody Mary mixes and a trio of great barbecue sauces that ensure that no matter which barbecue tradition has your allegiance, whether you like heat or sweet, Stonewall Kitchen can offer you a sauce that you’ll be proud to serve up with your meat. The three sauces are Raspberry Chipotle, Honey Sriracha and Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce. Even though these contain some sugar, the sweetness is not the dominant flavor on any of these — they’re all nicely balanced with big, smoky flavors that will work on pork, chicken or beef. The spicy heat is not overwhelming — there’s just enough to give each of the sauces a nice depth of flavor and let your taste buds know they’ve been to a party.

The summer barbecue or tailgate party continues in the Robert Rothschild Farms booth, where Fancy Food Show attendees are tasting and loving four new open-and-serve dips that pioneer new territory for that category. The four include an Organic Hot Merlot Cherry Dip, Organic Pepper & Garlic Dip, Organic Chile & Cilantro Dip and Organic Blueberry Lemon Ginger Dip. You’ll recall that Robert Rothschild entered the organic field with a dedicated organic production facility whose launch was announced at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and these new dips are additions to the line that includes the organic pasta sauces that premièred last summer. Like all certified organic products, these contain no GMOs, and they have a thick texture that would work well to dress up a crudité tray as well as to sit next to the cheese board. The 12.8-13-ounce jar is plenty for a party, and any leftovers will find their way into recipes after the party. The two fruity varieties would pair particularly well with cheese, while the two peppery varieties would also make a great impromptu topping for pasta, rice or couscous on one of those night when you’ve arrived home from work without a dinner plan. Each of them retails for $9.99.

While you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see Plocky’s Mediterranean Munchies Hummus Chips in booth #563. A new display shipper comes with 24 3-ounce begs of the Original with Sea Salt variety and 24 3-ounce bags of the Roasted Red Pepper variety. Each 3-ounce bag retails for about $2.99. Snack-size 100-calorie bags retail for $.99 to $1.29. Plocky’s is celebrating 25 years of bringing tasty, all-natural snacks to the market, and Plocky’s products are currently sold in nine countries. The Mediterranean Munchies Hummus Chips are made from real hummus and olive oil. They’re all natural, gluten free, non-GMO and certified kosher. For more information, call 630.323.8888.

For a little taste of something sweet, stop by Dancing Deer Baking Co. In booth #652 to try the new line of Dessert Bites. The Dessert Bites are launching in eight flavors, of which two are available year-round, and six will be seasonal. The year-round Everyday Bites are Chocolate Chip S’more and Chocolate Sea Salt flavors. Then for spring, there’s Coconut Bliss and Zesty Lemon. Fall flavors are represented with Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spice. And for the winter season, there are Chocolate Peppermint and Traditional Gingerbread. The Dessert Bites are packed in 7-ounce tubs to retail for $5.99 to $6.99 in the bakery department. They’re shipped frozen with a six-month shelf life. Once they’re thawed for display and sale, they have a 14-day shelf life. They’re made with nothing artificial and certified kosher. Call 888.699.DEER x 501 for more information.

Seattle Chocolates Celebrates 2015 with Delicious New Bar Flavors


Seattle Chocolate Company is adding two truffle bar flavors to its premium line of carefully curated chocolate for 2015. The new flavors, alongside current Seattle Chocolates offerings, will be available for pre-sale and sampling in Booth 989 at the Winter Fancy Food Show January 11-13, 2015. Both bars continue the company’s signature combination of fresh, approachable ingredient pairings with creamy, responsibly-sourced chocolate.

Rounding out Seattle Chocolates’ spring seasonal bars, Spring Surprise joins Fluffy Toffee and Fresh Mint in a trio of bars that celebrate longer days, sunny afternoons and the first flowery blooms of the year. Spring Surprise pairs roasted almonds and coconut with dark chocolate, and is packaged in a pastel lavender wrap adorned with cherry blossoms, rain puddles and ducklings all in a row. With a suggested retail price of $3.50, the entire spring seasonal collection is available now.Seattle Chocolate Company Logo

Inspired by owner Jean Thompson’s favorite childhood snack, the new PB&J bar combines crunchy peanut butter with strawberry fruit jellies in delicious dark chocolate. Available at retail summer 2015, the all-natural PB&J bar is high in protein and tastes like a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich – just the way mom made it, only better! The PB&J truffle bar has a suggested retail price of $3.50.

“At Seattle Chocolate Company we have always had an unparalleled commitment to fresh new flavors and the finest ingredients,” stated Owner and CEO, Jean Thompson. “We source only the best tasting, ethically sourced chocolate and create recipes inspired by the traditions, cultures, memories and personal celebrations of our friends, family and staff.”

Both new Seattle Chocolates truffle bars are made from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa which is thoughtfully prepared in small batches, without preservatives, additives or extenders. Both the Spring Surprise and PB&J wrappers proudly display the official Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.

In addition to sourcing cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, all Seattle Chocolate Company products are 100 percent natural and certified Kosher. Seattle Chocolate Company has also made the switch away from palm kernel oil, the harvesting of which is a major contributor to global deforestation, and now uses only sustainable coconut oil for its signature smooth meltaway texture. To learn more about Seattle Chocolate Company and the new bars, visit, or stop by Booth 989 at the 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show January 11-13.


Back By Popular Demand: Peanut Butter Chip Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle, LLC kicks off the Winter Fancy Food Show this January with a blast from its past! Brownie Brittle is bringing back one of its most popular flavors: Peanut Butter Chip. Each rich, chocolaty piece of Brownie Brittle is studded with creamy peanut butter chips and will be available to sample at Booth 1748 at Moscone Center, January 11-13.

Initially, Peanut Butter Chip Brownie Brittle will launch on the west coast only, with a nationwide rollout to commence later in the year.

“Peanut butter has always been the most requested flavor when our social media fans are asked to weigh in,” said Brownie Brittle founder Sheila G. Mains (known in the food industry as Sheila G). “We agree wholeheartedly—peanut butter and chocolate are simply meant to be together.”

Brownie Brittle originally launched peanut butter chip as a core flavor. However rapid expansion in 2012 caused the company to move its manufacturing to a peanut-free facility.

“Our peanut butter fans will be happy to know that our continued growth has allowed us to expand our production to a second facility-one that processes nut based products.  And that means we’re able to produce this highly coveted flavor once again,” said Sheila G.

Peanut Butter Chip Brownie Brittle rejoins the award-winning Brownie Brittle family in a five-ounce resealable package with a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Brownie Brittle will also debut a resealable 14-ounce package at the Winter Fancy Food Show, available now in Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel flavors at Safeway and Von’s stores with other retailers soon to follow.

Additionally, Brownie Brittle will be showcasing its other popular flavors: Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel and Toffee Crunch, at the Winter Fancy Food Show. These incredibly delicious snacks are sold in 16 ounce-, 14 ounce-, five ounce-, two ounce- and one ounce-size packages, depending upon the flavor.

Another new product to join the Brownie Brittle lineup is the multipack: six one-ounce single-serving bags, good for lunchtime, snacks or anytime.

Brownie Brittle is available in tens of thousands of stores across the globe and has been honored with numerous awards. In 2014, Brownie Brittle was named “Best Sweet Snack” by Convenience Store News. In 2013, Brownie Brittle was named “Editor’s Pick” by The Gourmet Retailer Magazine, won a Self Magazine Healthy Food Award, was one of “7 Fabulous Finds” at, was “Editors’ Pick” for Progressive Grocer Magazine, was selected as one of Fitness Magazine’s Healthy Food Award Sweet Treats, and was named a Finalist in “Best New Snack Product” at NCSA.  Additionally, has called Brownie Brittle, “…the health-conscious chocoholic’s dream come true.”

Pasta Chips Now Non-GMO Project Verified

Vintage Italia Pasta Chips will debut new packaging with the Non-GMO (non genetically modified organisms) Project Verified Seal of Approval at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco held Jan. 11-13, 2015. The bold and bright new packaging designs will be a shelf-standout in five flavors. Additionally, Pasta Chips are now lower in sodium by 40 percent.

“2014 was a banner year for Pasta Chips. We expanded our distribution, product line and gathered a lot of market research from our customer base,” said Vintage Italia Pasta Chips’ Founder and CEO Jerry Bello. “We felt it was important to respond to our consumers desire for a non-GMO product and lower sodium. We’re pleased with the strides we have made and look forward to a very prosperous 2015.”

The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance. “Our Verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard, including ongoing testing of risk ingredients,” said Bello.

Vintage Italia is the very first company to recreate the traditional baked pasta appetizer from Italy into a snack food. Its signature product, Pasta Chips, is made with the same semolina flour, ancient grains, and Italian herbs that have been celebrated for hundreds of years. The Tuscan-inspired chips are married with different seasonings based on regional Italian favorites and are available in five delectable flavors including Marinara, Alfredo, Spicy Tomato Basil, Garlic Olive Oil, and Mediterranean Sea Salt.

Pasta Chips are certified kosher, have 3g of protein, are cholesterol-free, and contain 60 percent less fat than potato chips and 20 percent less fat than pita chips. Pasta Chips are available in a 20-ounce club size bag, 5-ounce size or a single serving 2-ounce size. The 20-ounce and 5-ounce packages are resealable and can be hung or displayed on a shelf.

This incredibly popular snack was launched in late 2014 and has had incredible success with major grocery chains and retailers across the United States. 2015 holds new Italian-inspired flavor combinations, new pasta shapes and varying package sizing.

Pasta Chips are available at retailers nationwide including: Walmart, ShopRite, Safeway and online at

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