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Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells Awarded Yoshon Certification

Wholly Wholesome, which provides natural and organic baked goods, has secured Yoshon certification on its Traditional, Wheat and Spelt Organic Pie Shells. This certification allows Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells to appeal and to satisfy a broader group of consumers with their products. The move to Yoshon certification further aids the brand in its quest to appeal to unique consumer niches with the best quality product—meeting family needs across a wide variety of dietary needs. Today, Wholly Wholesome also represents a growing number of products in the gluten-free, all-natural, kosher and allergy-specific categories.

What is the importance of being Yoshon certified? For situations such as a party where one wants to accommodate everyone, there is no difference in taste between Yoshon and non-Yoshon products. But more importantly, the kosher food industry is beginning to recognize that Yoshon observance is a new, growing trend among kosher consumers. Products marked with Yoshon certification contain only Yoshon grains, including wheat, oats, spelt, rye and barley and meet the requirements of being marked as kosher. Consumers that are Yoshon-only are becoming prominent in the New York and New Jersey areas, as well as other communities in the U.S. and internationally.

We are always looking to expand our focus on improving options for consumers with specific dietary needs” said Doon Wintz, President of Wholly Wholesome. “The number of kosher consumers is increasing in many parts of the United States, which is what inspired us to pursue this certification. We’ve been focusing on this niche category and are proud to be able to enhance our product line with a product that consumers, both kosher and non-kosher, will enjoy.”

Wholly Wholesome 9-inch Organic Pie Shells come in packs of two in Traditional, Wheat and Spelt varieties, with baking instructions included right on the package. Made naturally, Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells are suitable for any consumer looking for a healthier option. 

Spelt Right Foods Named Finalist in Next BIG Food Thing contest

Brooklyn-based Spelt Right Foods, with roots in the state of Maine, is a finalist in Fresh Direct’s Next BIG Food Thing contest, a crowd funding campaign created to “find the next food idea, product or innovation that could change the food world.”

Spelt Right Foods is at the forefront of creating healthy and delicious breads, bagels, pizza dough and snacks made with the ancient grain spelt. Spelt, once lost in obscurity, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity because of its depth of flavor, health benefits and ease of digestibility. Spelt Right was founded in a small mill in Maine in 2008 producing products for northern New England customers. In 2012, Spelt Right moved to Brooklyn, NY joining with partners seasoned in the food industry, to expand the product line and distribution network of this mission-based food company.

Spelt Right’s founder, Beth George, created the product line because of a need to fill a void for her young son who has significant food sensitivities, especially to common wheat and many artificial additives. “I soon realized that my son was not the only one who needs great tasting, healthy bread products that are made with alternative grains and real ingredients. There are legions of consumers seeking tasty breads that are made with good clean and easily digestible ingredients, not fillers and a list of chemicals so long we need a chemistry textbook to decipher them.”

Spelt Right products are made with organic spelt, and are complemented by simple, pure, Non-GMO certified ingredients. Spelt Right has won fans from across the country through its on-line store.  The products are distributed to cafes, colleges, Whole Foods Markets, specialty, health food, and kosher stores throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey.

With the intent to expand the reach of Spelt Right and make spelt a staple in most American kitchens, Beth George recognizes the need for more infrastructure and knowledge to increase spelt production in the United States.

Through funds raised in the RocketHub crowdfunding platform, Spelt Right plans to continue its collaboration with the University of Maine extension program for additional studies for the cultivation of spelt, particularly in regard to underutilized farmland in the northeast. These studies would be available to farms seeking a working knowledge of growing this alternative and viable crop. In addition to creating great tasting Spelt Right products and promoting the cultivation of spelt, Beth George promotes the sharing of information on the connection between diet and behavior, learning, and health, a topic closely aligned with the origins of Spelt Right. She volunteers for the Feingold Association providing outreach on this topic.

The Next BIG Food Thing contest winner will be chosen based on a range of criteria including – amount of funds raised, funder engagement, and overall quality of the idea. The business with the winning idea will receive $10,000 and the chance to partner with FreshDirect, a food supplier in metropolitan New York and Philadelphia. Two runners-up will receive $2,500 each to fund their businesses. The judges include David McInerney, the co-founder of FreshDirect; Geoff Bartakovics, the CEO of Tasting Table; Natasha Case, the CEO of Coolhaus; Sarah Copeland, the food director of Real Simple; and John Craven, the founder of BevNet.

Discover New Mustard Flavors on the New Maille Website Boutique

Discover New Mustard Flavours on the New Maille Website BoutiqueWith Maille’s new online boutique, lovers of fine foods will discover a world of mustard delights they never knew existed. Maille’s new range of flavors opens up the imagination, beginning with classic combinations such as white wine and blue cheese and branching out into extraordinary new tastes, using fruits, flowers and spirits. You will find a flavor for every type of cook and every type of cooking.

For a citrus burst, try Candied Orange Peel and Ginger. There is Pesto and Rocket for a nutty, peppery kick. For those who are more inclined towards the sweeter things in life, the Mustard with White Wine, Mirabelle Plums and Plum Brandy is impossible to resist.

The Maille gift boxes make a special and unique present for anyone, from a close family member or friend to a colleague at work. Even that unfamiliar Secret Santa is sure to be delighted by these stunning packages.


The Traditional Collection comes in either the classic packaging or in a beautiful wooden box, which would give even the shabbiest kitchen a classy, rustic look. Products in the Traditional line include everything from Parmesan Cheese with Basil to vibrant Cassis de Dijon, with blackcurrant liqueur and a matching red wine vinegar. The Woodland Collection too is available for purchase in an intriguing wooden box and is packed full of woody and nutty flavours, from Walnut Oil to Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Morel Mushrooms. Or why not experience a burst of the Mediterranean? Sun-dried tomatoes, chilli and figs radiate from the Sunshine Collection, an assortment of five mustards that is sure to bring warmth to any kitchen.

If you are of the opinion that a meal just is not complete without some form of alcohol, there are several Maille mustards that should be right up your street. The collection of wine and spirit enhanced mustards will add an intense and sophisticated taste to whatever you choose to apply your chosen mustard to, be it cordon bleu cooking or a slice of bread. As well as jars featuring alcohol from Chablis to Cognac, mustards straight from the pump combine with a range of white wines to produce a strong, refined flavour. From the simple Mustard with White Wine to the sinful Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Black Truffles, there is fresh mustard for every pocket, each served up in gorgeous traditional stoneware jars. Your meals will never be the same again, with these sumptuous mustards enhancing every bite.

Chobani Introduces First 100-Calorie Greek Yogurt Made With Only Natural Ingredients

Chobani, maker of America’s No. 1–selling Greek Yogurt brand, is poised to revolutionize the dairy aisle again with the launch of Chobani Simply 100™ Greek Yogurt, the first and only 100-calorie authentic strained Greek yogurt made with only natural ingredients.

Available in six flavors — blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, peach, black cherry and vanilla — Chobani Simply 100 yogurt gives calorie-conscious consumers what they’ve been craving — a wholesome, delicious 100-calorie Greek yogurt made without artificial sweeteners.

“Our food philosophy is essential to our brand and evident in everything we make, say and do. Anything with the Chobani name has to be delicious, nutritious, made with only natural ingredients and accessible to everyone,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO of Chobani. “Until now, consumers looking for a 100-calorie Greek yogurt with natural ingredients haven’t had an option. For us, it’s about being best to market — and we think the time we’ve spent perfecting Chobani Simply 100 has resulted in a product worth the wait.”

As with all Chobani products, Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt is made with milk, real fruit, and live and active cultures. To achieve the best balance of taste, calories and nutrition, this innovation features a proprietary blend of three natural sweeteners — monk fruit, stevia leaf extract and evaporated cane juice.

Each delicious 100-calorie cup is an excellent source of protein (12 grams) and fiber (5 grams), is a good source of calcium, and contains 0 grams of fat.

Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt is available in 5.3-ounce single-serve cups, four-count multipacks and a 32-ounce size in vanilla. Chobani Simply 100 has a suggested retail price of $1.29 per cup and will be available nationwide starting this month.

Top Trends in Gourmet Gifts this Holiday Season: Chocolate, Baked Treats, Adult Refreshments and Gluten-Free Goodies

America’s appetite for specialty foods hit a record high last year, with consumers spending $86 billion on everything from artisanal chocolates and cheese to oils and charcuterie. To help food enthusiasts navigate the wealth of food-gift choices available this holiday season, the Specialty Food Association recently released the results of a survey that reveal the top product categories, flavors and ingredients.

Responses from 250 specialty food producers and retailers showed that the three hottest holiday product categories are perennial favorites: chocolate (42 percent), baked goods (36 percent) and alcoholic beverages (25 percent).

Number 4 on the list is a relative newcomer: gluten-free foods, which were named the “hottest” specialty food category by 20 percent of respondents.

“Specialty food producers bring craft and care to the foods they create every day and are taking it up a notch for the holidays,” said Denise Purcell, editor of Specialty Food Media. “Whether a traditional favorite like chocolate or a new twist on a classic like gluten-free peppermint cookies, you can tell by the taste, appearance and packaging that you’re giving the gift of a special food experience.”

According to the survey, specialty food professionals predict that consumers will gravitate to a mix of traditional and non-traditional flavors and ingredients this season. The top traditional flavors include chocolate, pumpkin, ginger and peppermint. The top non-traditional flavors and ingredients include sea salt, bacon, bourbon and truffles.

What do specialty food professionals themselves want for the holidays? Alcoholic beverages (30 percent), chocolate (26 percent) and baked goods (23 percent) are popular choices, as are gifts of cheese, olive oil, charcuterie and coffee.

New Study Finds Corn Oil Superior to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Lowering Cholesterol

Corn oil significantly reduces cholesterol with more favorable changes in total cholesterol (TC) and LDL-C than extra virgin olive oil, new research shows. The findings were presented last week at the American Society for Nutrition’s Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition Conference by lead researcher, Dr. Kevin C Maki, PhD, of Biofortis, the clinical research arm of Merieux NutriSciences.

Among the 54 healthy men and women in the feeding study, consumption of foods made with corn oil resulted in significantly lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and total cholesterol than the same foods made with extra virgin olive oil. Corn oil lowered LDL cholesterol by 10.9 percent compared to extra virgin olive oil’s 3.5 percent reduction, and total cholesterol decreased by 8.2 percent with corn oil compared to 1.8 percent for extra virgin olive oil. Study participants received four tablespoons of corn oil or extra virgin olive oil in the foods provided every day, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendations.  All foods were provided to the study participants as part of a weight maintenance diet.

The randomized, double-blind, controlled crossover clinical trial assessed the effects of dietary oils on fasting lipoprotein lipids. The study compared the effects of corn and extra virgin olive oil on LDL cholesterol (primary outcome variable), total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), Non-HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides and the total to HDL cholesterol ratio. Study participants had fasting LDL cholesterol ≥130 mg/dL and <200 mg/dL. Fasting blood samples, along with other clinical measurements, were taken from all participants during visits to the clinical study center before and after each treatment phase of the study.

“The study results suggest corn oil has significantly greater effects on blood cholesterol levels than extra virgin olive oil, due, in part, to the natural cholesterol-blocking ability of plant sterols,” said Dr. Maki. “These findings add to those from prior research supporting corn oil’s positive heart health benefits.”

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death in the United States. Existing research supports the notion diets containing at least 5-10 percent of calories from polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) from vegetable oils, are associated with lower risk for heart disease.

Corn oil has a unique combination of healthy fatty acids and plant sterols, which research suggests help lower cholesterol. Corn oil has four times more plant sterols than olive oil and 40 percent more than canola oil. Based on analysis of corn oil and 2013 USDA comparison of other cooking oils, corn oil has a plant sterols content of 135.6 mg/serving vs. 30.0 mg/serving for olive oil. Plant sterols are plant-based substances naturally present in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, legumes and vegetable oils, such as corn oil. To the extent that plant sterols play a part in reducing blood cholesterol levels, they could have an important role in a heart healthy diet. 

Egg Producer Launches Online Video Series

Turlock, Calf.-based Gemperle Farms has launched an online video series to showcase egg-related crafts, recipes and science experiments, and to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Gemperle Family Farms.

“At our Gemperle Chicken Ranch, we think it’s important to educate customers on what makes Gemperle Eggs special while having fun at the same time,” explained Gemperle Family Farms President Steve Gemperle. “These videos take an egg and transform it from a kitchen staple into an interesting and engaging science experiment, recipe or craft.”

All the videos highlight the exceptional Gemperle chickens and eggs, ranging from explaining egg economics, or Egg-o-Nomics, to showcasing the Gemperle family’s dedication to happy and healthy chickens. For example, the kid-produced Bouncy Egg video uses Gemperle eggs to show kids how science can transform an egg into a rubber toy. Gemperle Farms will be adding new videos monthly; already there are more than a dozen videos available.

In support of the new video series, Gemperle Farms is hosting an online contest, “Holiday Video Viewing.” Contestants are invited to watch educational and entertaining child-friendly videos on the Gemperle website for a chance to win one of three fabulous prizes. The first place winner will receive a $300 Amazon gift card; second place a $100 Amazon gift card; and third place a $50 Amazon gift card.

“The contest aims to cultivate a richer, more interactive experience for our customers,” Gemperle said. “Our educational videos are the ideal platform to teach kids about the Gemperle Egg Ranch, but really it’s all about having fun.”

Participation in the Holiday Video Viewing contest is simple. Just go to the Gemperle Family Farms video webpage (, watch a video, and send Gemperle Farms an email. Emails should be sent with the subject line, “Gemperle Farms Videos.” In the text, include your name and the number of videos you watched.

For each video, contestants will receive one entry into the drawing for an Amazon gift card. The contest runs through December 13, 2013. Winners will be randomly selected on December 16. For a complete list of contest rules, please visit:

Infuse Your Grilled Meats with Ethnic Flavors

Rubs from s.a.l.t sisters are an easy way to infuse your grilled meats and vegetables with exciting ethnic flavors–from Cajun to Caribbean Jerk. s.a.l.t sisters combined traditional essences including paprika and dry mustard with eccentric blends from coconut sugar, lemon juice powder to smoked black pepper to orange peel and honey powder. Perfect for traditional meals around the calendar, especially during Christmas and the New Year!

salt sisters

Impress guest’s palates with Honey Glaze rubbed ribs, Key West Seafood rubbed scallops and shrimps along with Memphis BBQ rubbed corn on the cob!

r.u.b.s has the following flavors:

§  All-Purpose BBQ: Unrefined sea salt, parsley, smoked paprika, black pepper, honey powder, onion, herbs and spices

§  Blackening Cajun: Unrefined sea salt, paprika, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper and spices

§  Caribbean Jerk: Coconut sugar, unrefined sea salt, black pepper, chili pepper, paprika, onion, herbs and spices

§  Dragon’s Breath: Unrefined sea salt, smoked black pepper, red pepper, smoked paprika and herbs

§  Flaming Fowl Rub: Fiery hot, this rub is unrefined sea salt, paprika, honey powder, dry mustard, fennel, celery, habañero pepper and spices

§  Honey Glaze: Unrefined sea salt, honey powder, onion, garlic and paprika

§  Key West Seafood: Unrefined sea salt, onion, orange peel, ginger, sesame seeds, coconut sugar, black pepper and spices

§  Mediterranean: Unrefined sea salt, oregano, basil, lemon peel, red bell peppers, vinegar powder, red peppers, herbs & spices

§  Memphis BBQ: Coconut sugar, unrefined, smoked sea salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic, vinegar powder, onion and spices

§  Porcini Poultry Rub: Unrefined sea salt, porcini mushrooms, garlic, lemon peel, herbs and spices

§  Smoked Bird Rub: Unrefined smoked sea salt, honey powder, garlic, dry mustard, fennel, herbs and spices

§  Tex-Mex: Unrefined sea salt, chili powder, onion, tomato powder, honey powder, paprika, dried mustard, black pepper, lime juice, herbs and spices

§  Tom-Tom Rub: Unrefined sea salt, paprika, honey powder, dry mustard, fennel, celery and spices complete this sweet tradition

§  West Coast Poultry Rub: A citrus zing made of unrefined sea salt, rosemary, garlic powder, orange peel, lemon peel and lemon juice powder

Gourmet On the Go Snack Mixes from Gourmet Nut

Snacks have come to occupy an important place in our daily routines—for many people, they’re as important as “three square meals” a day. Delicious taste is the first thing people look for in a snack, but 65 percent of people who nosh also say they are most interested in healthy snacks. Gourmet Nut has combined great flavor and healthy ingredients in a line of Gourmet On the Go snack mixes, which are full of protein-containing nuts and antioxidant-packed, fiber-filled dried fruits.

Whether it’s throwing a 2.25-ounce Power Up bag in a gym bag or keeping a resealable 8-ounce bag in the car or desk drawer, Gourmet Nut snacks can help stave off the vending machine or drive through window. Eat them alone or toss them into yogurt, oatmeal, or salads.


Body Boosting Antioxidant Mix

body boosting antioxidant mixSelect blend of: 

  • Pecans, the nuts with the most antioxidants
  • Cranberries, which have active compounds that may help maintain urinary tract health
  • Walnuts, raisins, blueberries, dark chocolate 


  • Gluten-free, all natural·
  • Three sizes: resealable 6-ounce and 14-ounce bags and 2.25-ounce Power Up bag



Feel Good Mix

Feel Good Mix

Select blend of:

  • Peanuts, which are filled with fiber and protein that may help you feel full longer
  • Apricots, which provide vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes proper immune function and is critical for eye health
  • Almonds, granola, raisins, cranberries



  • Gluten-free, cholesterol free, four grams of filling fiber per serving
  • Two sizes: resealable 8-ounce bag and 2.25-ounce Power Up bag



Almond Cranberry Crunch

Almond Cranberry Crunch

Select blend of:

  • Almonds, which may help reduce hunger
  • Cranberries, which contain flavonoids linked to heart health
  • Peanuts, raisins



  • All natural, cholesterol free, Trans fat free, has four grams of protein and fiber per serving
  • Two sizes: resealable 8-ounce bag and 2.25-ounce and 14-ounce Power Up bags


Energize Me Protein Mix

Energize Me Protein Mix

Select blend of:

  • Almonds, a natural source of plant-based protein
  • Cashews, which provide more than five grams of protein per ounce
  • Raisins, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cherries



  • Gluten-free, vegan, All natural
  • Resealable 8-ounce bag and 2.25-ounce and 14-ounce Power Up bags

For a full list of products, visit

 Where to Buy:, select Burlington Coat Factory, Homegoods, Marshalls, and Ross and TJ Maxx stores nationwide


  • $3.99 – $4.99 for a 6 to 8-ounce bag
  • $1.50 for a Power Up 2.25-ounce snack bag
  • $7.99 – $8.99 for a 14-ounce bag

Visit for more information.

Fun Ideas with Holiday Seasonal Flavors

With simple tips from the McCormick Kitchens on enjoying the season’s top seven flavors – pumpkin spice, ginger, vanilla, peppermint, sage, cinnamon and nutmeg – everything from breakfast to dessert can have the best holiday taste.

“There’s really no reason to wait for a special occasion to savor the ‘Seasonal Seven’ flavors,” said Chef Kevan Vetter of the McCormick Kitchens. “For example, when I wake up in the morning, I like adding pumpkin pie spice to my coffee so I can start my day with that extra-special holiday flavor. To make Sunday dinners a little more festive, I’ll add sage to my creamy potato gratin.”

Seasonal Seven Flavors for Moments Big and Small
Think of every meal as an opportunity to include holiday tastes:

Visit for simple ideas that will inspire you to make sure each moment is filled with seasonal flavor. Look for McCormick Spices in the spice aisle of supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide.

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