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Great River Organic Milling Company

Founded in 1975, Great River Organic Milling Company (GROM) began operations as a small stone milling company deep in the valley of what is known as the coulee region of western Wisconsin. Initially, production consisted of small deliveries of local organic grains, stone ground into flour for local bakeries. Keep in mind, this was before there were U.S. Department of Agriculture organic standards that are in place today.

Fast forward to 40 years later, and you will find that the company still operates in that same valley. The scale of operations, however, has changed dramatically. The company is proud to count some of the nation’s largest manufacturers as its customers and it still caters to those companies that were the foundation of Great River Organic Milling Company. Whether you need 500 pounds of stone ground flour for your bakery or 44,000 pounds of flour for your cereal processing line, and whether you want your product packed in 2-pound bags for retail or a 2,000-pound super sack, Great River is here to help you meet those needs.

Great River Organic Milling has the following certifications so that you can be assured you are getting the highest quality, food safe products or ingredients for your production facility or retail shelf: audited HACCP plan, third party food safety audits conducted annually, GFSI BRC certification in process, organically certified by QAI, Non-GMO Project Verification, kosher approved and customer performed food safety audits on request.

Products and services provided: suppliers of flour, grains and ingredients for the food manufacturing industry; toll milling services available; contract manufacturing and private label packaging; retail products; and ancient grains.

Alaska Halibut and Sablefish Harvest Kicks Off Spring Seafood Season

The annual Alaska halibut and sablefish (black cod) harvest seasons begin Saturday, March 24, bringing world-renowned, high-quality, sustainable, wild-caught Alaska whitefish to restaurants and retailers across the country. The delicate, sweet flavor of Alaska halibut and rich succulent profile of Alaska sablefish offer a versatile, healthy protein option for home cooks, chefs and diners to enjoy fresh throughout spring, summer and fall, and frozen year-round.

Both Alaska halibut and Alaska sablefish are especially great for grilling and roasting. They pair beautifully with seasonal sides and vegetables and are perfect for using in popular, flavorful recipes, from miso glazes to Southwest flavors.

“Alaska halibut and sablefish are sourced from the pure, icy waters of Alaska resulting in unparalleled flavor and exceptional quality. Our fishermen follow some of the best sustainable fishing practices in the world,” said Jeremy Woodrow, Communications Director for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. “The start of a new season is a timely reminder to always ‘Ask for Alaska’ when dining out or shopping at grocery stores so you can be confident that your seafood is always wild and sustainably sourced.”

Alaska is the only state with sustainability written into its constitution and has been practicing science-based fisheries management for decades. To ensure there will always be more to catch, Alaska fishermen limit their harvest to the statewide total allowable catch set by international, federal and state fisheries managers to sustain each fishery. In 2018, harvest levels are set at 33 million pounds for Alaska sablefish and 17.5 million pounds for Alaska halibut.

Sprout Foods Wins 3 NAPPA Awards

Sprout Foods  has been recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) for its commitment to clean, organic ingredients, outstanding flavor, and innovation within sustainable protein sources with three NAPPA Awards. For the last 28 years, NAPPA’s team of industry experts and family judges has rigorously tested products across categories to recommend those that parents and professionals can trust most.

Sprout Foods ProductsThis year’s award winners include Sprout Organic Crinklez™, the first popped veggie snack for toddlers in Cheesy Spinach and Pumpkin Carrot flavors; Sprout Organic Crispy Chews™, pressed fruit snacks made with crisped whole grain rice and a full serving of fruit & veggies, available in Red Fruit Beet & Berry and Orchard Fruit & Carrot, and Sprout Stage 2 Plant Based Protein pouches in new Butternut Blueberry Apple with Beans and Carrot Chickpeas Zucchini Pear flavors, with vegetable-based protein from organic black beans and chickpeas.

Sprout is recognized for providing the largest range of vegetable-leading recipes in a category where many brands use apples and other fruits as the primary ingredient. “At Sprout, our mission is to educate parents on how to properly interpret nutrition labels so that they can understand what is truly in their food. That’s our honesty pledge,” said Rick Klauser, CEO, Sprout Foods. “Sprout makes it easy for parents to make healthy, informed decisions about the food they purchase for their families by using clean, organic ingredients and honestly labeling our recipes. We’re so excited that our latest plant powered innovation has resonated so well with consumers and that parents trust Sprout to deliver vegetable-based protein options for their children.”

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