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Rabbit Creek Prepping for the Holidays

Now that the craziness of the Summer Fancy Food show has subsided, it is time to get geared up for the holiday season, which will be here in the blink of an eye.

Launched at Summer Fancy Food, Rabbit Creek’s new Wild Bird Seed Crunch is a fantastic, ready-to-eat snack that is perfect for curling up in front of a movie on a snowy December day. Chock full of pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds caught up in a light and airy toffee-like crunch, Wild Bird Seed Crunch gives that needed boost of energy that you do not have to feel guilty about.

Just in time for the inevitable holiday sweet tooth that is sure to rear its head, Rabbit Creek’s Chocolate fruit dip is simply fantastic. Seriously, say it once more—chocolate fruit dip. Enough said.

Rabbit Creek offers mix and match ordering, allowing customers to mix flavors to get a full case, as opposed to having to order a full case of each individual flavor. The company also has free private labeling available for all their products.

Contact Rabbit Creek by phone at 913.837.2757 or by email at Also, visit the company online at

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