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Romarsi Pesto Sauces

1-RomarsiFILL-PSSRomarsi LLC is the proud manufacturer of all natural pesto sauces, including a traditional Basil Pesto as well as a Kalamata Olive or Tapenade Pesto. Unlike most pesto products on the supermarket shelf, Romarsi Pestos come frozen. Most pestos are refrigerated or jarred. In order to give these products an extended shelf life, these pestos often include some type of preservative. Romarsi, however, extends the life of its pesto sauces naturally, through freezing. When the customer defrosts Romarsi products, they get them at their premium freshness—just like they made it themselves that very day.

Romarsi’s customers often comment that the company’s sauces taste remarkably fresh, very summer-like and very homemade. In fact, a growing number of people are saying that these are the very best pestos on the market today!

For more information on Romarsi Pesto Sauces, call 973.773.6040, or visit the company online at

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