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Rubschlager Breads Offer a Healthful Start for a Party, Snack or Meal

Rubschlager breads make a healthy start for food for entertaining or for everyday snacks and meals. Rubschlager Cocktail Breads, available in four varieties, are a no-fuss way to start any party. Just open a cheese spread, add a bowl of chicken or tuna salad and perhaps a tray of sliced meat and cheese, and the party is underway with minimum fuss and good nutrition as well. Of course, the Cocktail Breads also lend themselves to make-ahead hors d’oeuvres, including everything from the very fancy, featuring caviar or lobster salad, to the very plain and economical, such as a simple cream cheese spread topped with attractive veggies.

Rubschlager’s Square and Rye-Ola Breads are equally adaptable for smaller hors d’oeuvres when cut into smaller wedges, triangles or squares. These breads can of course, can be used for full-sized hearty sandwiches as well. Smoked salmon combines with Rubschlager’s Rye-Ola Black Rye or Westphalian Pumpernickel for the perfect presentation. There is no need to remove crusts from any of these breads, minimizing both preparation time and waste.

If the occasion is a children’s party, kids are always pleased with Rubschlager’s Cocktail Breads, because they can make sandwiches with their favorite fillings, which are “just their size.” Try serving children turkey breast, egg salad or peanut butter on these smaller-sized Cocktail Breads.

Rubschlager’s Natural Preferences Mini-Chips offer an all-natural, 100 percent whole-grain crunchy option to accompany guacamole, salsa, onion dip, soups and salads. In fact, these mini-chips serve as a healthful and delicious snack all on their own. Available in Really Rye, Really Garlic and Not Really Plain, there is a flavor to please everyone’s taste buds.

All Rubschlager products are OU Pareve. Rubschlager Baking Corporation is located at 3220 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill., 60651. Contact the company by phone at 773.826.1245, or email Visit the company online at

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