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Rubschlager’s Rye-Ola Breads Put New Spin on Pumpernickel

Rubschlager BakingRubschlager BakingRubschlager Baking Corporation’s Rye-Ola® Breads, made with 100 percent whole rye, provide a flavorful source of whole grains. Rye-Ola breads contain no added wheat, fat, or sweetening, and have the true taste of Northern European breads, but are baked in Chicago by the company best-known for its cocktail breads.

All varieties are based on the Pumpernickel formula. A generous amount of sunflower kernels are added for Rye-Ola Sunflower; brown flax seeds to make Rye-Ola Flax, and black-strap molasses adds color and tang to the Rye-Ola Black Rye. Each 1-pound package contains 11 thin but hearty slices. Use them for small hors d’oeuvres by cutting first in half, then each half into three or four wedges. Rye-Olas lend themselves to both open-face and closed sandwiches, which can be served hot or cold.

For more information on Rubschlager Baking Corporation, located at 3220 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651, head to, call 773-826-1245 or email


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