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More Sales and Fewer Stales with Palmer’s Candy


By Lorrie Baumann

Marty Palmer, President of Palmer’s Candy Company and Bob O’Neill, Vice President of Sales took a break from setting up their booth at the Sweets & Snacks Expo to talk with me about how the Palmer’s products can add incremental sales for the bakery department of the grocery store.

With five generations of family ownership, Palmer’s Candy Company is the oldest continuously-operated family-owned candy company in the U.S. “At Dairy-Deli-Bake, we’re unique in being a confectionery firm that’s really figured out the bakery world, and as a result, we have a very large market share of the business in the bakery segment,” O’Neill says. “We’re one of the last of the general-line manufacturers. We do most everything. We do everything from peanut brittle to divinity to fudge – everything the bakery world is looking for. We’re one of the only candy companies that manufacture all those products.”

That makes Palmer’s Candy Company a one-stop shop for bakery departments that don’t have either the labor force or the equipment to make products like peanut brittle themselves, they way they might have done in the old days when the bakers came to work at 4 a.m., and with its complete line, Palmer’s provides an easy way to regain those incremental candy sales without cutting into sales for the traditional bakery items. “It’s also been a way for them to get better quality. We can deliver a consistent product that meets the high specifications that today’s grocery store market demands. We have a long shelf life and a high margin,” Palmer says. “The average bakery department assumes there are going to be some stales. With our shelf life of greater than six months, there are very few stales, which means a very high profit margin.”

Barks are a hot item in the confectionery world this year, and Palmer’s is offering new bark items that grocers and bakers aren’t going to find anywhere else, including Red Velvet Bark, Birthday Cake Bark, and the Creme de Menthe Bark. “It’s fabulous,” Palmer says. “And there’s the Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Bark. It’s a mouthful of a name, but it’s really tasty.”

“We also will be introducing new items for fall harvest. There’ll be Caramel Apple Pretzels and Cinnamon Roll Pretzels,” O’Neill adds. “We’ll be adding new items to our Bakery Delight packaged line, such as Pumpkin Pie Pretzels and Drizzle Caramel Corn.”

Palmer’s will also be talking to folks at Dairy-Deli-Bake about a line of Bakery Delight To-Go Cup Kits that have both the product and the cups all in one box, so the store can fill the cups at store level. “It’s a very easy way for the store to get impulse buys. It appears to be a bulk item, but it’s already got packaging that contains the nutritional information on it. It’s high margin and easy to do. We have counter racks, spinner trees and hanging racks available to make it easy,” Palmer says. “This seems kind of goofy, but it’s been a huge item. People grab them as they’re going out the door and take it with them in the car. It’s just a cup full of goodness.”

Palmer’s Candy Company will be exhibiting in booth #1463 at Dairy-Deli-Bake, June 1-3 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. After the show, call 800.831.0828 or visit




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