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Salt & Straw, Artisanal Chocolatiers Partner on Seasonal Gourmet Ice Cream Flavors

Salt & Straw has partnered with small, artisanal chocolatiers Sahagun ChocolatesXocolatl de DavidMissionary ChocolatesAlma Chocolate and Woodblock Chocolate, to show off each of their unique chocolate making styles, techniques and ingredients through scoops of ice cream. Gift pack of flavors will be available for nationwide shipping through  and at Portland area scoop shops beginning February 1.

Sahagun’s Oregon Kiss

Crafted in the form of a deep chocolate ice cream with cocoa-nutty gianduja truffles, this ice cream was created by Elizabeth Montes of Sahagun Chocolates, who helped pioneer Portland’s artisan chocolate scene in 2005.  Her meticulousness with flavor has earned her caramels a spot on New York Times’ “best in the box” list. 
Xocolatl de David’s Bacon Raleigh Bar Ice Cream 
Like a Snickers bar that’s been warped into something that’s just as satisfying yet fulfills the strict demand of “Portland Artisan.” Chocolatier and former chef, David Briggs, has spent the last eight years perfecting this chocolate bar recipe, which can be found on the shelves of even the trendiest of Portland shops. For the ice cream, Salt & Straw melted honey nougat into the base, added heavy ribbons of bacon infused caramel plus candied pecans.
Woodblock’s Peruvian Pisco & Chocolate 
An Intensely cocoa flavored, Single-origin Peruvian Chocolate ice cream mixed with a puckering and tangy pisco sour sorbet. Roasting single-origin cocoa beans in a 19th century, repurposed coffee roaster, Charley Wheelock’s “bean-to-bar” chocolates help to make this Frankenstein-like reincarnation of a traditional chocolate ice cream truly magical.
Missionary’s Blood Orange Chocolate Sorbet
A creamy vegan chocolate delight awaits you with a cup of this decisively bright, indulgently dense blood orange and chocolate sorbet.  Melissa Berry, a naturopathic physician, started her company based on the sheer passion of making delicious chocolates that her vegan mother could eat. Today, proceeds from her company are set aside with the goal of starting an in-patient naturopath hospital funded by chocolate! Similar to Missionary’s truffles, this sorbet doesn’t proclaim the fact that it’s dairy free, but if you’re asking…
Alma’s Boozy Bon Bon
A delicate combination of flavors that are married with precision, Alma’s Boozy Bon Bon  ice cream weaves together the assertive flavors of anise, lime zest, and an extra dark chocolate to create the ice cream base; then studs it with Madeira wine and House Spirits rum-soaked prunes. At Alma Chocolates, Sarah Hart has created a food culture and seasonal bon bon menu around the best ingredients and producers in Portland, creating one-bite beauties that shock and awe guests. 
About Salt & Straw Ice Cream
Salt & Straw Ice Cream is a small batch ice cream company that partners with local artisans, producers and farmers to create unique and gourmet flavors. The ice cream is handmade, using only all natural cream from local farms throughout the Willamette Valley. Flavors showcase the best local, organic and sustainable ingredients from Oregon farmers and artisans, such as Rogue Creamery, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Olympic Provisions charcuterie, as well as imported flavors from small hand-picked farms from around the world. The company started serving eight flavors from an ice cream cart in May of 2011 and then moved to its first brick and mortar location on Aug. 12, 2011. All shops use 100 percent renewable energy as well as fully compostable serveware for all to-go items. Scoops of hand-made, small batch ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes and floats as well as pints to go are available at each shop and served with impeccable service. Favorites, seasonal and design your own variety packs are available for online purchase and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Salt & Straw’s ice cream cart is available for catering parties and events. Find more information at  or call 971-271-8168. Follow on Facebook at Salt and Straw Ice Cream or Twitter @SaltandStraw.
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