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Sensational Sweets Introduces Mini Pizzas

The buzz at the Sensational Sweets booth at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show was all about the company’s new Mini Pizzas and the new flavors for Sensational Sweets’ Chippers the Bark With a Bite®. Not only do the Mini Pizzas fill the consumer request for a more “individual” serving size, they will also will push sales for the Sensational Sweets’ larger dessert Pizzas. Hand-crafted, layer upon layer, these sweet Mini Pizzas are awesomely unique and tasty. Packaged in a smaller, matching pizza box, the Pizzas and Mini Pizzas display very well together.

The new Bark flavors introduced at the show include pomegranate, chai latte and pumpkin. The response to the flavors was great, with attendees proclaiming that they are truly delicious. Sales have been very strong, as the flavors and colors work well for everyone’s fall and holiday displays.

According to the team at Sensational Sweets, this was the strongest Fancy Food Show at which the company has exhibited in years. There was an unprecedented degree of interest in the company’s offerings and a terrific number of orders written.

Contact Sensational Sweets/Creative Cookie etc., at 570.524.4361, or check out the company’s website at Let Sensational Sweets sweeten your day!

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