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Sullivan Harbor Farm Adds Two Double-Smoked Salmon Products to its Line

Dave's BaconJust in time for the holidays, Sullivan Harbor Farm Smokehouse has added two double-smoked salmon creations to its line-up of specialty smoked salmon and seafood products. Named after former SHF master smoker David Brooks, Dave’s Bacon is thin hardy strips of double smoked Atlantic salmon brushed with pure Maine maple syrup. Dave’s Omega Delight is aromatic cubes of double smoked salmon soaked in the same delicious syrup. Both are hand-cured and cold-smoked with hickory wood chips and a touch of cherry wood for rich, buttery, smoky flavor.

Dave's Omega Delights“Both Dave’s Bacon and Omega Delight are initially smoked for six hours. The cold smoke doesn’t heat the salmon. Instead, it touches each fillet gently and slowly, melding the flavors,” explains SHF’s master smoker Jamie Young. “After the first smoke, we slice Dave’s Bacon into strips and smother them in 100 percent Maine maple syrup. With the Omega Delight, we take the entire salmon and cut it into inch by inch cubes which are then soaked in maple syrup for several hours. The salmon is smoked for an additional six hours, sealing in all of the incredible flavors.”


SHF has been perfecting its technique and its repertoire of smoked products since 1993, when founder Joel Frantzman first opened a smokehouse in his house in Sullivan, Maine. SHF begins with the perfectly fresh fish raised and harvested responsibly from the cold, clean waters of the Bay of Fundy in the Gulf of Maine. The salmon is delivered to the smokehouse within hours of the harvest: the key to the absolute freshness of SHF smoked fish. It is then hand-cured using sea salt and brown sugar and smoked in small Scottish kilns using old-world techniques.

“Smoked salmon is a great healthy alternative to meat and other proteins,” said Joel Frantzman. “Whether you’re serving Dave’s Bacon as an appetizer or making a gourmet entree with the Omega Delight, the double-smoked flavor is sure to enhance everything from lunch-time snacks to holiday dinners.”

Dave’s Bacon and Omega Delight are available to order at in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas delivery. Visit the site or call 1-800-422-4014 for product quantities and pricing.



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