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Discovery Communications and Single Cup Coffee Launch New Cake Boss Coffee Line

Discovery Communications and Single Cup Coffee announced today an innovative new line of Keurig®-compatible single serve coffee cups inspired by the hit TLC series, Cake Boss. The line, debuting this month on, starts with the smooth, medium roast Buddy’s Blend as the perfect complement to your favorite dessert.

Famous around the globe for the creativity he brings to the world of baking, the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro, has infused this rich, smooth, Cake Boss coffee with the tastes of his favorite bakery creations to create seven flavored coffee originals, including Hazelnut Biscotti, Chocolate Cannoli, Italian Rum Cake and more.

“Whether at home, in my bakery or on the road, I don’t start my morning without a hot cup of coffee,” said Valastro. “I’ve been working with TLC and the coffee pros at Single Cup Coffee to create a variety of coffee flavors unique to Cake Boss that can satisfy both the sweet tooth and coffee craving.”

Now you can have your cake and drink it too with eight blends including:

  • Buddy’s Blend: This classic Italian Roast features East African coffees that are roasted extra dark to offer intense, bold flavor in a heavy-bodied cup.
  • Chocolate Cannoli: A caffeinated tribute to Buddy’s famous chocolate cannoli— a delectable mingling of creamy custard, chocolate drizzle and hints of buttery pastry.
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake: Fresh, creamytaste and dark cocoa flavors combine to create a deep, delicious chocolaty fudge flavored coffee.
  • Dulce de Leche: A bakery mainstay, Dulce de Leche is rich, creamy caramel flavor kissed with a hint of buttery sweetness.
  • Dulce de Leche Decaf: Dulce de Leche Decaf is rich, creamy caramel flavor kissed with a hint of buttery sweetness.
  • Vanilla Buttercream: Flavors of buttercream frosting and delicate vanilla come to life in this smooth flavored coffee.
  • Hazelnut Biscotti: Fill your cup with the flavor of freshly toasted hazelnuts and the rich, vanilla taste of freshly baked biscotti.
  • Raspberry Truffle: Taste the flavors of fresh raspberries smothered in milk chocolate ganache.
  • Italian Rum Cake: A flavored coffee inspired by the buttery sweetness and smooth rum syrup of Buddy’s signature sponge cake.

“Cake Boss coffees offer a fresh take on what we expect from our existing single serve coffee lines,” said Tim Cook, President of Single Cup Coffee. “The Cake Boss Coffee line is bringing in brand new flavors inspired by the delicious Italian pastries and cakes seen on the show. It’s a very exciting product line that you just have to taste for yourself.

Cake Boss Coffee will be supplied and distributed across North America by specialty coffee company Single Cup Coffee. Retailers across the US and Canada will begin stocking the product in spring 2014

New episodes of Buddy’s hit series NEXT GREAT BAKER and BAKERY BOSS will air this summer on TLC.” For more information on Cake Boss Coffee and Single Cup Coffee, visit

Melitta Ventures Further into Single-Serve Coffee Market

Melitta USA is evolving even further into the booming single-serve market with its premium Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Coffee option for Keurig-style machines*.

Continuing Melitta’s long-standing tradition of quality and innovation in coffee, the new single-serve cup is designed to deliver a heightened sensory experience to the entire brewing process. Unique to the category, consumers can actually see and smell their coffee (100 percent premium, high-grown Arabica beans, batch-roasted and ground extra fine) from the moment they remove the cup from its individually sealed freshness pack. Each cup is made with a Melitta filter, and upon brewing, water fully saturates the grinds for a bold, flavorful cup of coffee.

One of the enduring criticisms of single-serve cups is that they too frequently end up in landfills and negatively impact the environment. Designed with the environment in mind, Melitta’s single cup coffees are eco-friendly and 100 percent recyclable.

“We’re excited to offer this gourmet option to coffee enthusiasts, who no longer have to choose between quality and convenience in single-serve,” says Vice President of Marketing Chris Hillman. “A lot of time and hard work was invested in developing this new product, and we truly believe that our single cups deliver the best coffee flavor of all options available in the marketplace. The fact that our product is also eco-friendly is an added bonus – just another one of the many points that differentiates our product from others in the category.

Melitta’s Café de Europa Single Serve Gourmet Coffee has recently expanded into all major grocery retailers in the Northeast. The product – available in Classique (medium roast), Vienna Roast (dark roast), Blanc et Noir (a blend of light and dark roasts) and Espresso Toscana (extra dark roast) varieties – is also available for purchase on and at other select retailers throughout the U.S. MSRP for a 12 count box is $9.49.

* Melitta products are not affiliated with or approved by Keurig Inc. Melitta’s single-serve cups work in most Keurig-style brewers, except the KeurigVUE® brewing system.

Copper Moon Rises with Single-serve Coffee

Coffee lovers who enjoy the convenience and consistency of single-cup brewing systems can now also enjoy a unique brand of premium-quality coffee, as specialty roaster Copper Moon Coffee LLC® (Copper Moon®) has introduced its new line of single-serve ‘AromaKups®.’

Designed specifically for use in the increasingly popular single-cup brewing systems, these new AromaKups —available in several of Copper Moon’s 100 percent Arabica coffee blends from around the world—feature an innovative open-filter pouch.

AromaKups Single Serve CoffeeAccording to Copper Moon CEO, Brad Gutwein, the AromaKups offer both an environmental and brew-quality benefit, explaining, “The open-filter package uses 35 percent less plastic versus the rigid-cup design, while it also facilitates ideal aroma and flavor extraction. It really yields a superior brew that optimizes the great taste coffee lovers have come to expect from Copper Moon.”

For the initial launch, Copper Moon is offering these single-serve AromaKups in four of the company’s most popular world coffees, including:

  • Copper Moon Costa Rican Medium Roast: a silky-smooth, well-balanced blend with a sweet aroma and an eloquent finish
  • Copper Moon Kona Medium Roast: a mellow, balanced, aromatic blend with a smooth, clean finish
  • Copper Moon Kenyan Medium Dark Roast: a full-bodied, aromatic exotic and complex blend with citrus notes and a smooth, clean finish
  • Copper Moon Sumatra Dark Roast: a rich and bold, yet smooth and refined, blend, with herbal notes and a pleasant earthy aroma

Copper Moon plans to support its single-serve launch with coupon promotions, location-based sampling, email blasts and social-media promotions. Consumers can purchase the new Copper Moon single-serve AromaKups in 12-, 20- or 40-count packs, available at many popular retailers, as well as online at and

Fireside Coffee Launches 1554 Whole Bean Coffee

We all sing along to that popular Prince song about celebrating 1999, but a Michigan company has a different year to celebrate. Inspired by the legend of one of the world’s first coffee shops, which opened in the year 1554, Fireside Coffee Company has launched its new 1554 Whole Bean Coffee.

“When we decided to introduce a line of whole bean coffee, we set out to come up with the best, smoothest cup of coffee out there. Searching for inspiration, we stumbled upon the story of the world’s first coffee house in Constantinople and we knew that was it. Our coffees are artisan roasted to honor the history of this wonderful beverage,” said Angie Root of Fireside Coffee Co.

Fireside has long been known for their line of gourmet instant coffee blends, like Caramel Mochaccino and Pumpkin Pie Mocha. “Our customers are the best,” stated Carol Davis, President of Fireside Coffee Co. “And when they talk, we listen. We found that our customers were looking for a truly exceptional cup of brewed coffee, in addition to our instant blends. That’s what really kick-started our new line.”

Fireside’s 1554 Coffees are roasted in small batches, so that their customers always receive incredibly fresh roasted beans. According to the National Coffee Association, fresh roasted coffee is essential to a superb cup of coffee. The NCA recommends purchasing your coffee fresh every one to two weeks. Because of the artisan roasting process, the flavor of each 1554 roast is smooth and full-bodied.

Fireside has introduced a light Brazilian roast, medium Guatemalan roast, dark Sumatra roast, and a seasonal limited-time-only flavored roast, Bourbon Bluster. “Even though it’s new, the Bourbon Bluster is proving itself as a favorite of our customers. We’ll be roasting this flavor through the winter months only. Its blend of bourbon, almond and cream flavors is the perfect ‘comfort-flavor’ during cold weather. It’s really wonderful,” said Angie Root.

Fireside’s 1554 Whole Bean Coffee can be purchased at the company store at 3239 Elms Road in Swartz Creek, Mich., at the new Fireside Café inside the Country Sampler Store in Saginaw, Mich., online at, or from many independent retailers across the United States, which can be found on Fireside’s online store locator.

The Fresh Market Launches Private Label Coffees

The Fresh Market’s new line of flavored coffees have arrived just in time for cooler temperatures. The specialty grocer recently launched all natural and spiced coffees guaranteed to intrigue true coffee lovers. With unique medleys of spices visible in the blends, each private-label coffee is a complex, decadent treat that makes every day a special occasion.

Roasted medium-dark for bright acidity and a smooth, full bodied taste, the naturally flavored, gluten-free coffee blends use 100 percent Arabica beans from Central and South America and Africa. Each blend can be enjoyed alone or decadently served with milk, whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate.

Read more about The Fresh Market on page 13 of the November issue of Gourmet News here.

With culinary inspirations, The Fresh Market has created four distinctive blends available year round.. The Epic Day Blend promises a great start to the day with its cinnamon, clove and berry notes. For the more sensitive coffee connoisseurs, the Low Acid Vanilla Almond blend features a darker, nutty roast. The Salted Caramel is perfect for those who wake up with a sweet tooth, while the Chocolate Coconut Macaroon offers decadence with just a touch of chocolate.

New seasonal blends will be introduced every eight to ten weeks. During the fall, The Fresh Market will debut Cocoa Chili Spice, Panettone and Pumpkin Pie.

The Fresh Market suggests choosing your favorite blend to create your very own delicious delicacy:


The Fresh Market Coffee Latte

Serves Two (16-ounce latte)


4 tbsp TFM Naturally Flavored & Spiced ground coffee

1 cup boiling water

2 cups TFM milk, TFM almondmilk or soymilk

2-4 tsp sugar


Add 4 tbsp of your favorite TFM Naturally Flavored & Spiced ground coffee to 1 cup of boiling water in your French press or in a glass measuring cup, stir.  Let coffee steep for at least 6 minutes.  Heat 2 cups of TFM milk, TFM almondmilk or soymilk in a pan, whisking occasionally to keep milk from scalding and to froth milk.

Press coffee in French Press or pour coffee from measuring cup slowly into coffee filter lined metal strainer letting coffee flow through into a cup.

Divide coffee in half into two 16 oz coffee cups.  Measure 1 cup of milk.  Slowly add 1 cup of heated milk into one 16 oz coffee cup.  Add the remaining one cup of milk into the second 16 oz coffee cup.

Add sugar to taste – 2 tsp to 16 oz cup for a hint of sweet up to 4 tsp for a sweeter latte.

Pro Tips:

Whisk milk to froth and prevent scalding.

Heat dairy milk to 140 degrees; almondmilk or soymilk to 120 degrees.

If using sweetened almondmilk cut sugar to 2 tsp or do not add sugar.

Special Additions to Lattes:

Top with TFM Aerosol Whipping Cream and add a drizzle of TFM Caramel Sauce or TFM Dark Chocolate Sauce or sprinkle with TFM nutmeg or cinnamon.

About The Fresh Market, Inc.

Founded in 1982, The Fresh Market, Inc.  is a specialty grocery retailer focused on providing high-quality products in a unique and inviting atmosphere with a high level of customer service. The company currently operates 145 stores in 26 states, primarily located in the Southeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and West Coast, with plans for continued expansion throughout the country. The Fresh Market is an equal opportunity employer.  For more information, please visit

Non-Profit Programs Help the Women Who Grow Coffee

“A lot of people just don’t understand how much women are involved in coffee growing. They’re often the ones managing the farms, and they just don’t get the credit for it.” — Katy Boyd Dutt

By Lorrie Baumann

American coffee roasters and their customers are teaming up in various ways to better the lives of women in coffee-producing areas. In many impoverished areas of the world where coffee is grown, women typically do most of the work to produce the coffee but have very little control over the proceeds from their crops. “We think it is a very important movement in coffee,” said Nancy Moore, a member of the management team for Almana Harvest, a nonprofit corporation that works in conjunction with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. The IWCA has chapters of registered women coffee producers around the world.

UPDATE: Nancy Moore, CEO Almana Harvest Corp., will be a featured speaker at ExpoEspeciales 2013 Café de Colombia in Bogota, Colombia next week(October 14-18): ( The folks at Almana Harvest have also published a short video, “Columbian Coffee Stories: Women and Coffee” here:

 Almana Harvest is a marketing and certification organization whose role is to develop American markets for coffee produced by IWCA members as well as to certify coffee growers for the “Harvested by Women” certification program adopted by the IWCA. The Harvested by Women certification is intended to allow coffee producers to sell their coffee to American roasters at premium prices. Almana Harvest is the auditor that ensures that the producer meets standards for gender diversity as well as traceability, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. The organization also provides an infrastructure to develop a market for the certified coffee in the United States

“IWCA is active in Central and South America. We work hand in glove. They’re the principal suppliers for the demand we’re creating,” Moore said. “While they continue to grow their chapters and build membership within coffee-producing areas, there will be more supply.”

A portion of the revenue that is generated by the premium pricing goes back to the IWCA chapters to fund community projects that improve the lives of the women who produce the coffee. “They have the program. They’ll be handling the projects and the grant money. We’re providing a revenue stream, so the grants are ongoing,” Moore said. “If you value the women, then the whole community benefits. There’s a tremendous amount of research in that area. It’s not just the women that we’re trying to help and grow—it’s the whole community. But if you value women, it betters the community.”

Boyd’s Coffee of Portland, Ore. has become the first American roaster to buy and sell coffee through the “Harvested by Women” program. Katy Boyd Dutt, s fourth-generation member of the family company, recently visited Guatemala in February of this year to tour some farms and learn more about coffee growing areas and to attend the International Women’s Coffee Conference. At the Conference, Nancy Moore of Almana Harvest was a speaker, and Moore impressed Dutt with her presentation. Dutt went home to Portland and arranged to buy some of the Harvested by Women-certified coffee from a grower in Costa Rica.

“We got the coffee,” Dutt said. “Right now, we only have a little bit of it available, so the coffee will only be available while supplies last. We are hoping to continue on with the process and find other coffees that we like just as well.”

The coffee that Boyd’s purchased is now being sold under the Cafe Libre brand. According to Dutt, it is a light to medium roast coffee, mellow but with full body and personality and good, rich flavor. Because only a limited amount of the Cafe Libre coffee was available, Boyd’s offered most of it to its foodservice customers. A small amount of it is available for retail through a few Portland markets as well as through the Boyd’s website. However, Boyd expects that it will most likely by available only through early September. For every bag that Boyd’s sells, a 25-cent donation goes back to the Harvested by Women program.

“We really believe in this certification, so we are retailing the coffee for the same price as the other coffees in our lineup,” Dutt said. “A lot of people just don’t understand how much women are involved in coffee growing. They’re often the ones managing the farms, and they just don’t get the credit for it.”

Cafe Femenino is a similar program co-founded by Gay Smith. Smith co-owned Organic Products Trading Company, one of the first organic coffee importers in the United States, along with her husband Garth. When fair trade came along, OPTCO was one of the first to join and promote the movement to the coffee cooperatives with which they worked. The company had already been paying additional premiums for the coffee that Smith and her husband were buying, as a way of providing extra revenue to help combat the poverty in coffee-producing areas. “Fair trade made that a lot simpler for us,” Smith said.

During her coffee-buying trips, Smith had also become aware of the horrific abuse being suffered by the women who were growing the coffee her company was buying. “Women are considered to have no value, no matter whether they’re taking care of the children, raising the animals and taking care of the family gardens, the home and the coffee farm,” she said. “My husband’s and my company had a social mission to begin with. We were a part of organizing and promoting training to help the women with issues relating to self-esteem. What we learned from working with the women was that without actual change occurring, then the women’s self-esteem did not change either.”

Encouraged by the discussions they were having in these training programs, a group of female coffee producers, led by Isabel Uriarte La Torre, formally came together in 2003. They decided to separate their production from that of the men, and they thus created the first official “coffee produced by women” in the world. This coffee became known as Café Femenino coffee.

Café Femenino coffees are all organic and fair trade-certified. These certifications provided a third-party independent certified audit trail to ensure that the coffee is produced by women and that women are directly receiving the premium funds for their coffee. The certifications also ensure that the social and environmental goals generally expected of fair trade products are observed. Café Femenino coffees are still imported and sold by OPTCO.

Smith and her husband sold OPTCO in 2010, and she no longer works with the Café Femenino coffee program. However, she is a part of the board of directors for the Café Femenino Foundation. Established in 2004, the foundation is totally separate from the coffee import company. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with no ties to coffee production or sales.

An open foundation, the Café Feminino Foundation benefits women in the coffee-producing communities around the world by raising funds in wealthier nations and channeling them into community programs in numerous coffee-producing countries though grant requests. Among the projects funded by the Café Femenino Foundation have been schools, libraries, community gardens, animal breeding programs, water projects, health programs, micro-lending funds and emergency aid. “What the foundation does is to use the coffee association’s infrastructure to organize women and to help them have a voice in what the needs are in their families and their communities,” said Smith

Donate to the Cafe Femenino Foundation and view current grant requests at For more information on Almana Harvest, visit

‘Ohana Harbor Bringing Kona Coffee to the Mainland

Nothing is quite as exotic as Hawaii, but forget springing for a plane ticket to find the real taste of paradise. More and more specialty retailers are offering ‘Ohana Harbor Coffee to satisfy their customers’ cravings. ‘Ohana Harbor Coffee Company offers a variety of Hawaiian Island-inspired Kona Coffees that will provide you and your customers a vacation for your palates.

‘Ohana Harbor Coffee Company’s 100 percent Kona coffee is grown exclusively in the Kailua-Kona region on the Big Island of Hawaii, where rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate produce a unique and robust coffee cherry. Harvested from September through February, ‘Ohana’s 100 percent Kona coffee is award winning. It has earned the “Cream of the Crop” designation for six consecutive years.
A favorite among coffee aficionados for its low acidity and full-bodied flavor, ‘Ohana’s 100 percent Kona coffee is offered in medium and dark roasts. The company’s most popular Kona coffee is Ali’i Premium, a hand-picked, sun-dried, single-origin Kona coffee that is small batch roasted to bring out its sugars while preserving the nutty flavors for which Kona coffees are traditionally known.
While ‘Ohana Harbor specializes in 100 percent Kona Coffee, the company also offers small batch-roasted, hand-crafted Kona blends that fit into any budget. Whether a seasonal product or a faithful stand by, ‘Ohana Harbor offers island-inspired packaging and taste that is guaranteed to be fresh and smooth.
Founded on traditional values and sustainability, ‘Ohana Harbor is a family-owned operation emphasizing traditional Hawaiian culture, fairness and environmentally mindful practices. ‘Ohana does this by staying involved with its coffee “from tree to cup.” ‘Ohana Harbor is honored to offer the great-tasting coffee from the company’s ‘Ohana to yours. ‘Ohana means “family,” and ‘Ohana Harbor invites you to make its coffee part of yours.
For more information head online to

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