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Tailgating to Impress

By Lorrie Baumann

While beer and brats will work just fine as game day entertainment on your patio, if you’re looking to impress your guests as well as feed them during half-time, offer them something a little more adventurous. Korean barbecue is perfect for entertaining because you can do the side dishes ahead of time, with just the grilling to be done at the last minute. That leaves you free to enjoy the party with your guests, and there’s no tricky timing to ruin your dinner if your team’s scoring drive delays the meal.

DSC05213On the menu: Korean-style barbecue pork ribs, pickled radish, kimchee, egg rolls with dipping sauce. The key to pulling this off is Fischer & Wieser’s Korean BBQ Sauce, a mildly peppery sauce with enough zing to give your pork great flavor without challenging anyone’s palate with too much spice. Use the sauce as a marinade for pork ribs and then bring it out to the patio as a dipping sauce for egg rolls. If you want to offer your guests a spicier alternative, bring out some sriracha sauce as well.

I found Rejuvenative Foods Kim-Chi at Whole Foods in the refrigerator case reserved for vegan foods. It has a gingery tang that worked nicely with the pork. The kimchee I found at my local Asian market had more onion and sweet pepper flavors instead of the ginger, and that was good as well. Pickled ginger came from the same refrigerator case at the Asian market.

Pickled radish is easily made from daikon, which you can find in most decent produce markets these days. Recipes for it are all over the Internet. They generally call for rice wine vinegar, some salt and sugar and maybe some red pepper flakes and no cooking at all. Make the pickles a day or two ahead of the party, at the same time that you start marinating the pork ribs, and just leave them in the refrigerator to soak up the vinegary brine until it’s time to bring them out for dinner.

If you want to make the cleanup after your party as easy as the cooking, there are choices you can make with a clear conscience while maintaining the elegant aesthetic that elevates your party above the beer and brats bash that you are not giving. Take a look at the alternatives suggested by this Kitchenware News & Housewares Review article for more information on those.

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