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Unique Uncle Bunk’s Condiments Are Sure To Delight

Do you want to entice both new and returning customers with a great product line? Try Uncle Bunk’s award-winning condiments. Crafted in small batches using locally grown produce and old-fashioned Appalachian recipes, these products are handmade in West Virginia by Uncle Bunk himself. Once customers sample Uncle Bunk’s, they will clamor for more “Condiments with a Kick.”

Uncle Bunk’s Mustard Relish, available in medium and hot, is a sweet and spicy mustard, better known in West Virginia as Hot Pepper Butter. This product was a 2011 sofi Silver Finalist for Outstanding Condiment, which tops off an impressive list of wins that include Scovie Awards, Fiery Food Challenge awards and a Bronze at the World Wide Mustard Festival.

Made with six different kinds of hot peppers, Uncle Bunk’s Rustic Pepper Sauce, available in medium and hot, is a unique cross between a salsa and a spicy ketchup. It also has claimed both Scovie and Fiery Food Challenge awards.

Uncle Bunk’s 14 Day Sweet Pickles, the crispiest pickle you will ever eat, are made across 14 days using a 100-year-old family recipe. Country Living Magazine called them the best regional pickle in 2010. If you like things hot, the company’s 14 Day Hot Sweet Pickles, a fiery version of the classic Sweet Pickles will heat you up. They are a 2013 Fiery Food Challenge winner and First Place Scovie Award winner.

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