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Vanns Expands Its Range of Organic Spices


Vanns Spices understands that the demand for organic products, including organic spices, is on the rise. That’s why they are constantly adding new varieties to their already sizable range of organic spices.
According to recent reports, sales of organic food sales have grown by 20 percent annually and represent more than 3.5 percent of total U.S. food sales. From a culinary perspective, and for retailers and manufacturers to keep up with the demand for new and engaging organic flavor experiences, a ready supply of high integrity and consistently flavorful organic spices and spice blends is essential.
“Retailers and home cooks are clamoring for reliable, high-quality organic flavor experiences from the spices they buy,” says Mick Whitlock, President of Vanns Spices. “Fortunately, we have great relationships with organic farmers around the world and have been able to maintain and expand the variety of organic spices in our inventory.”
Whether you are looking for specific organic spices, or wish to formulate organic spice blends from proprietary recipes, Vanns has everything you’ll need. Buyers are invited to visit Vanns Spices at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Booth 646. Alternatively, contact Vanns by email: or phone: 800.583.1693.

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