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Viola Imports: Authentic Foods, Uncompromised Quality

Located in the Puglia region of Italy, and dating back to the year 1600, De Carlo is one oldest and most established producers of premium extra virgin olive oil. The De Carlo family has received many prestigious awards—dating back as far back as 1900. Most recently, the company was awarded “The Best Oil in the World” by Flos Olei 2013. Viola Imports is proud to bring a fantastic selection of some of the finest products from the De Carlo family to the U.S. market.

In addition to their extra virgin olive oil, the De Carlo family produces an exquisite line of preserved vegetables using only fresh raw ingredients and their extra virgin olive oil. The entire line of preserved vegetables is prepared on site, and all within a maximum of 24 hours of harvesting in order to maintain the freshness and flavor of each product.

Among the selection of preserved vegetables are grilled artichokes, a typical variety from Puglia called “Violetto di Brindisi,” a name that is derived from the purple leaves. These artichokes are perfect for tasty pizzas, sandwiches, appetizer plates or as an accompaniment to meat or fish. De Carlo also offers some of the world’s most sought after Sun Kissed Pomodorini tomatoes. These preserved tomatoes have been ranked among the best for use in the world’s top cuisines. De Carlo premium extra virgin olive oil is used to preserve the best semi-dried vine cherry tomatoes. These Sun Kissed Pomodorini tomatoes inspire creativity and can be used in a number of ways—on pizzas, focaccias, salads, appetizers, pasta dishes, risottos or simply served alongside fresh cheese, like mozzarella or burrata.

In addition, De Carlo offers flavorful spreads. A black olive spread made exclusively with olives from the De Carlo olive groves offers a distinctive aroma and strong flavor. De Carlo also offers a spread made with cherry tomatoes, called Red Passion. It is made from an exclusive family recipe, and is extremely tasty, with a unique flavor. Both of these spreads make a great bruschetta!

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