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VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich Contains Powerhouse Nutrients without Cholesterol

When eating only egg whites and discarding the egg yolks to avoid cholesterol, fat and calories, the beneficial nutrients contained in the yolks—lutein for eye health, choline for brain health and omega-3 DHA for heart health—are lost. Vitalicious solves this problem with the launch of its innovative VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich, which contains all of these powerhouse nutrients without the cholesterol.

“The VitaEgg is perfectly aligned with our core mission at Vitalicious, as it tastes great and it has better nutrition for fewer calories,” comments Vitalicious Founder and Chairman Aryeh Hecht. “With the VitaEgg, you no longer have to compromise. It’s essentially everything you love about protein-rich egg whites, plus all of the vital, healthy nutrients your body needs from the whole egg. And it’s a difference you can actually taste in this delicious sandwich.”

Each VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich contains a fluffy VitaEgg topped with flavorful cheese and veggies on whole-grain, high-fiber flatbread and is convenient to prepare in the microwave in just over one minute. As with all Vitalicious’ products, the VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich is made without preservatives or artificial coloring. Each has:

•         No cholesterol
•         Perfect protein
•         Lutein for eye health
•         Choline for brain health
•         Omega-3 DHA
•         All 9 essential amino acids
•         Low in Fat (1.5g)
•         High in Fiber (7g)
•         Lower Calories (120)
•         Lower Sodium (325mg)
•         Made without preservatives

The VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich is sold in a box of two, is currently available exclusively online at and will also be launching nationally at retail stores in the near future. Visit booth #2042 at the Fancy Food Show.

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