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WOATS Oat Snacks Introduced in Texas

WOATS are a  blend of gently baked whole grain oats, honey, and other premium ingredients that are configured into bite-size morsels. WOATS are made to improve the way folks snack, and are on a mission to teach kids that achieving their dreams is attainable and–in some cases–delectable.

Their motto of “humble oats with ambition” stands for more than their creative flavor combinations, but also represents founder Justin Anderson’s desire to help other kids and young adults dream big. Anderson set his sights on entrepreneurship at the age of 16, founding his first successful venture into the food market with Anderson Trail Premium Soft Granola. Driven by his learning experiences and the adversity he faced with breaking into the industry at such a young age, Anderson has implemented his own motivational system for inspiring kids today to find and succeed at their passions.

WOATSLineup_zps75d3cd2eWOATS’ three flavors were launched in Texas and are currently available at HEB Central Market, Stater Bros., and The Fresh Market with more locations coming soon!

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