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WOATS Oatsnack to Launch in Super Target Stores Nationwide

WOATS Oatsnack is the first brand in a long time to shake up the day-to-day snacking routines of kids, students, adults, and trailblazers. Its innovative use of the humble oat paired with wholesome ingredients has rocketed it onto store shelves and parents’ pantries, answering their call for something that is both healthy and satisfying. Back in January, it was given one of the coveted end-cap positions in a number of select Target stores, and after its initial success WOATS is being expanded to Super Targets across the country.

Its claim to fame is all in the design. Each easily accessible and transportable bag is chock full of tasty morsels that can be noshed on by the handful while running between classes or hiking the Appalachian Trail. It currently is available in three irresistible flavors. In the Nuts About Berries you’ll find perfectly roasted praline pecans and tangy cranberries along with gently baked oats and honey. Cookies ‘n’ Dreams boasts mouth-watering chunks of chocolate vanilla cream sandwich cookies, while the Peanut Butter Graham Slam plays host to crisp honey graham crackers and creamy natural peanut butter.

Founded in December 2003, Anderson Trail is a values-driven food company with the motto of “Humble Oats With Ambition.” This not only stands for their creative flavor combinations, but also represents founder Justin Anderson’s desire to help other kids and young adults dream big. Anderson set his sights on entrepreneurship at the age of 16, founding his first successful venture into the food market with Anderson Trail Premium Soft Granola. Driven by his learning experiences and the adversity he faced with breaking into the industry at such a young age, Anderson is giving back by inspiring kids today to find and succeed at their passions.

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