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Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels Offers Authentic Treats from Munich

Add a continental touch to a store shelf or food display with original German desserts from Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels. These sweets are made from traditional recipes, using ingredients simply unavailable elsewhere, including pure, chemical-free Munich water and tart cold-weather Bavarian apples.

Wolfgang’s Apple Strudel is not a single burrito-like roll, like some other commercially available strudels. It is layers of pastry dough, painstakingly rolled out in paper-thin sheets and layered with rich apple filling. The pastry is also available in apricot. Wolfgang’s Apple Rings are coated in a feather-light egg white batter. It is delicious eaten by itself as a snack but can also be used as an eye-catching component in original desserts.

Of course, Wolfgang’s does not stop at dessert. Original German Potato Pancakes are a company specialty. Enjoy them as a side dish with jam or applesauce, or serve them with shrimp for a lovely main course. A memorable European-themed gift basket might include these Original German Potato Pancakes along with a jar of apple preserves.

To order online or find out more about the specialties offered by Wolfgang’s Bavarian Pretzels, visit or call 209.295.4664. Taste the difference that only Munich-baked can make!

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