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Pyure Brands Skips Expo East to Help Rebuild SW Florida

Due to Hurricane Irma and its direct hit on Naples and southwest Florida, Pyure Brands LLC headquartered in Naples, Florida, will not be attending Natural Products Expo East. Despite the storm, Pyure Brands remains operational and open for business. However, rather than attending the show, the team will remain in the area to help those in need and rebuild its community.

As a part of its efforts, Pyure will be donating $5000 to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. The Harry Chapin Food Bank, an affiliate of Feeding America and a United Way partner agency, is the leading hunger-relief organization in southwest Florida.

Brands looking for the best way to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma maycontact Melisa Tropeano,

The timing of the storm is unfortunate as Pyure is very excited to share new innovative products with the industry. Fleischer will be attending the NPEE and is available for meetings to discuss the brands’ new business developments. Call 347.573.2796 to set up a meeting. —–> Read more.

Survey of Millennial Parents Indicates Future Growth for Organic

Twenty-five percent of the Millennials in America are parents. In the next 10 to 15 years, 80 percent of Millennials will be moms and dads. What this means for the organic market could be transformative.

A new and expanded survey on the organic attitude of U.S. families released September 14 by the Organic Trade Association shows that Millennials are big buyers of organic, and that becoming a parent will only deepen the strong affinity for organic shared by this powerful generation. —–>Read more.

Organic Trade Association Sues USDA to Advance Organic Livestock Standards

The Organic Trade Association is suing the U.S. Department of Agriculture over its failure to put into effect new organic livestock standards.

“We are standing up on behalf of the entire organic sector to protect organic integrity, advance animal welfare, and demand the government keep up with the industry and the consumer in setting organic standards,” said Laura Batcha, Executive Director and CEO of the Organic Trade Association.

The suit alleges the U.S. Department of Agriculture violated the Organic Foods Production Act, and unlawfully delayed the effective date of the final livestock standards that were developed by industry and in accordance with the processes established by Congress, and with abusing the agency’s discretion by ignoring the overwhelming public record established in support of these organic standards. The trade association further contends that the Trump Administration’s regulatory freeze order issued to federal agencies on Jan. 20, 2017, should not apply to organic standards because they are voluntary and are required only of those farms and businesses that opt in to be certified organic. —–>Read more.

Rogue Creamery Honored as Best for the World

Today, Rogue Creamery was honored in the 2017 Best for the World Overall list which includes businesses that earned scores in the top 10 percent of more than 2,100 Certified B Corporations™ on the B Impact Assessment. Rogue Creamery has a conscious plan to be a leading example of a zero- impact food producer by 2021; the company looks not only within the company itself to integrate behavioral and operational change to reach sustainability goals but also to its suppliers and end users.

In addition, Rogue Creamery provides its sustainable templates to all businesses that inquire. The 176 Best for the World Overall honoree companies come from 75 different industries and 25 countries. —–> Read more.

Seventh Generation Commits to Action on Climate Change

Seventh Generation has become the 100th company to commit to climate action through the Climate Collaborative, a project of OSC2 and the Sustainable Food Trade Association launched in March of 2017 to catalyze bold action on climate change among natural products companies.

The Vermont-based, leading natural cleaning and personal care products company has been prioritizing climate action for decades and has a company-wide goal of sourcing all energy from non-fossil fuel sources by 2020. Today, as Natural Products Expo East kicks off in Baltimore, Maryland, the company announced additional climate commitments in packaging, renewable energy, policy engagement, and energy efficiency via the Climate Collaborative, joining more than 20 other companies in announcing new climate action commitments. —–> Read more.

Supermarkets Pitch in for Hurricane Harvey Relief

As Hurricane Harvey continued to bring catastrophic flooding and devastation to parts of southeast Texas, Albertsons Companies was mobilizing its entire chain of 2,300+ stores across the U.S. to aid in the disaster relief effort, Kroger Company Foundation kicked in $100,000 to the Houston Food Bank and ALDI ponied up with a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross and another $50,000 to the city of Rosenburg, Texas. —–> Read more.

Wisconsin Cheese Companies Send Over 17,000 Pounds of Cheese to Houston

Wisconsin Cheese Companies smaller for webThe Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB), funded by Wisconsin’s dairy farm families, coordinated a state-wide effort with Wisconsin cheesemakers to send over 17,000 pounds of cheese to Houston to provide nutritious food for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Wisconsin Cheese Companies Send Over 17,000 Pounds of Cheese to Houston“We are deeply saddened by the devastation facing Texas residents in the wake of Hurricane Harvey,” says Suzanne Fanning, WMMB Vice President of Marketing Communications. “Our Wisconsin cheesemakers and dairy farmers are inherently focused on helping others so we offered them a way to get involved. Their response to our call for donations was overwhelming – we were initially hoping to send 200 pounds of cheese, but the donations kept pouring in – totaling over 17,000 pounds!  —–>Read more.

In 10 Years We’re Gonna Have 1 Million Bison

By Lorrie Baumann

DSC_5386Montana is called “Big Sky Country,” but to most Americans, this is Flyover Country – part of the wide expanse of the U.S. that they’ll most often see only from the window of an airplane while they’re passing over it. Down on the ground, the Rocky Mountain landscape just northwest of Yellowstone National Park is breathtakingly beautiful. This is a land of moose, wolves and grizzly bears as well as pine forests, the Gallatin River and the Madison mountain range, whose bald gray peaks were still splotched with the remnants of winter’s snows as late as the Fourth of July weekend. When I arrived from my home in the Sonoran Desert, it was astonishingly green as well as blissfully cool.

But beautiful as it is, you can’t eat scenery, and on a landscape with too few frost-free nights and too much up and down to be suitable farmland, agriculture often implies the raising of large bovines, and that’s what 650 of us, mostly from around the U.S. and Canada but a few from Europe and Australia, were there in the shadow of Lone Mountain to talk about. —–> Read more.

Bra Celebrates Cheese in 2017

For four days in September, the streets and piazzas of the historic Italian city of Bra will be dedicated to an appreciation of cheese and other dairy products. The event, called Cheese, is a biennial celebration organized by the city of Bra and Slow Food International, and this year will be its 20th anniversary, and the event will be spread over two different venues: Bra and Pollenzo.

The Italian and International Market
To celebrate 20 years since the first-ever Cheese, Slow Food and the City of Bra have this year decided to keep the Market’s exhibition spaces exclusively for raw-milk cheeses—authentic expressions of their place of origin, the livestock breed that produced the milk, the animals’ diet and the cheesemaker’s skill. —–>Read more.

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