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Anuga Organic Fully Booked

The coming Anuga from October 7 to 11 2017 in Cologne offers an overview of the global market offer of organic products. A  concentrated spectrum of organic products will be on display in the Anuga Organic division of the Anuga trade show, where the only products allowed are those that carry an approved organic certification that is a standard on the market. Additional organic products will be listed in the exhibitor database under the keyword, “Organic Products.”  —–>Read more.

Giant Launches Private Brand “No Antibiotics Ever” Pork Line

BonelessPorkChopsGiant Food of Landover, Maryland, is launching its Giant Private Brand “No Antibiotics Ever” line of pork products. In addition to containing zero antibiotics and hormones, Giant’s newest line of pork offerings is 100-percent vegetarian fed. Now available in all Giant stores, these select pork cuts continue Giant’s commitment to —> Read more.

Read the Gourmet News special issue for the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show now.

Click here to read the Gourmet News special issue for the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show now.

Wisconsin Celebrates American Cheese Society Judging Results

Wisconsin cheesemakers continued their winning streak at this year’s American Cheese Society’s (ACS) annual competition, capturing more awards than any other state for the thirteenth consecutive year. This year’s competition, held in Denver, Colorado, garnered a record 118 ribbons for Wisconsin cheese and dairy products, including 34 Best of Class awards.  —–>Read more.

Awards Recognize Schuman Cheese Innovation

With a whopping 15 new medals to its credit, Schuman Cheese is seeing the fruits of a growing focus on innovation and product development. Several new-to-market varieties earned acclaim, alongside the company’s flagship Cello brand and popular Montforte cheeses.—–> Read more.

H & H Midtown East Bagels Launches at Retail

H & H Midtown East Bagels Launches at Retail

Laura Chenel’s Wins Top Goat Cheese Honors at ACS Competition

Laura Chenel’s received two first-place awards and two second-place honors at the American Cheese Society’s  —–> Read more.

Sultry Spices and Silky Fruits Skyrocket First-Time Entrant to Five sofis

By Lorrie Baumann

GA_1789 for webLe Bon Magot® surprised the specialty food community at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show with a display of five sofi Awards, all earned this year with the new company’s very first entries into the sofi Award competition. Naomi Mobed, the company’s Founder and CEO, launched the brand in February 2015 and then exhibited in the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show to test its flavors with Fancy Food Show attendees before she was really ready to face the sofi Award competition. “Actually, we validated the taste and flavors of our products with trusted palates even before being incorporated into a company,” she said. —–>Read more.


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